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Monday, February 11, 2013

Fix me! I've got boo-boo's!

Oh, me, oh, my...what to do thought I.  

After sewing seams at under 1/4" and with too long a stitch length, 
my beautiful quilt had about 11 seams rip right out.  

After sealing all the open seams, it's plain to see that the more the merrier will rule the day with this project:

but when to stop is challenging...

until I get this many:

I'm continuing to add more...updated pic for you soon!

How MANY more and where to place them is the next question...some are other directions because those seams had opened, making it necessary to cover them with the hem tape.

This hem tape is surprisingly 'soft and pliable'.
It is inexpensive.
It bends very easily.
Perhaps this could possibly be a way to add a 'stained glass effect' in a similar way to bias binding tape?

What do you think?

I sure appreciate all of you and taking time to share your views with me - thank you!



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