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AccuQuilt Rag Die Quilt Class instructions

I taught a quilt class for the first time today at my local quilt shop - it was lots of fun and easy for the participants - they described it as 'assembly line' work and felt like elves in Santa's shop!  One gal cut out two of these today for two grandnieces.  What lucky little girls!

Lay out your quilt squares in order and then stack them together in horizontal rows.
Take the first square and put it right sides together with the 2nd square, then sew with a 1" seam allowance, avoiding the pre-snipped edges of the square.

As the rows come together, your pre-snipped edges will show on one side and the back side of the quilt will not show any pre-snipped edges.
Once the rows are sewn together, then add the rows together.

Once all the rows are sewn together, then using a 1" seam allowance again, sew around the four outside edges of the quilt to finish.

Launder using a commercial washer and dryer because there will be a lot of lint, esp. the first time.

Snuggle under and enjoy!


Perhaps you would enjoy the instructions I came up with for my two-part class...enjoy!

AccuQuilt Rag Die Quilt Class Instructions 

To begin:  choose five colors of flannel (see yardage below), one yard of optional batting and gather basic sewing supplies:  scissors or rotary cutter and mat, thread, needles, pins, etc. to use this coming week for our ‘homework’ assignment and for next Saturday’s class.
A.      2 1/4 yards light-colored flannel - From your lightest color flannel, cut 32 - 8 ½” rag squares – this will be your “main” color – you will create sixteen quilt sandwich squares from this flannel with a 6 ½” square of batting sandwiched inside each*. 
B.      1 5/8 yards medium-colored flannel – from your medium-colored flannel, cut 24 – 8 ½” rag squares – create twelve quilt sandwich squares from this flannel with 6 ½” square of batting sandwiched inside each*.
C.      2 yards darkest-colored flannel – cut 26 rag squares to create 13 quilt sandwiches
D.      5/8 yard second light-colored flannel (other than main color) – cut 8 rag squares to create 4 sandwiches
E.      E.  5/8 yard second dark-colored flannel – cut 8 rag squares to create 4 sandwiches
*The batting is optional.  You may use scrap material or nothing at all for a lighter-weight quilt, just make sure you make each sandwich for the entire quilt the same way so it washes well.  You will need approximately one yard of 60" batting and will need to cut 49 – 6 ½” batting squares.
Today:  cut and prep flannel and optional batting using the AccuQuilt Go! System and perfectly cut 6 1/2” batting squares with die (#55000) and 8 1/2” rag squares with die (#55013) and with the 10”x10” mat (#55111) 

Homework for the week:  sew X’s across all square block sandwiches – you may mark them with ruler and chalk or you may choose to ‘eyeball’ them – depending upon how ‘organic’ you wish your finished product to appear.  “Play” with quilt square arrangement and decide what look you like best.  A camera is a very handy tool for this!  If you embroider, perhaps you can embellish some of the squares or the center square.  Initials or a small-medium-sized embroidery would be nice!

Next Saturday:  bring your sewing machine, new needle appropriate for your machine (I recommend a 80/12 universal needle), coordinating cotton thread, pins and pin cushion, & small scissors to snip threads to sew your prepared blocks into a finished quilt in just two hours!

Final step:  launder in a commercial washer/dryer because the first wash will contain a large amount of lint released.  Fluff and enjoy your quilt! These are so quick & easy, you may want to make them for your entire family!

Would you like a walk-me-through-it tutorial?  Look no further than right HERE.

Have a great long weekend!



  1. what a neat way to make that quilt...I used to snip all that with

  2. It must have taken you hours, Marjorie! This is already done for you - ah....much easier :-) thanks to AccuQuilt dies!


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