Saturday, March 3, 2012

An Artsy Wall Hanging - my first piece for the Downtown Artist's Cooperative

SewCalGal's FMQ Challenge is in full swing and this month features the wonderfully brilliant quilt artist Ann Fahl, who also loves to work with variegated thread!

Her idea to try many different designs and see where they go with different threads really intrigued me greatly....then, while at B&N for coffee this afternoon with a teaching friend, I saw the most inspirational magazine I've laid eyes on in a very long time....

Sew Somerset - the art of creative sewing with mixed-media

How cool!  What wonderful, new (to me) ideas!

1.  I love scrapbooking
2.  I love family heritage
3.  I love quilting
4.  I love thread
5.  I love fabric

All these added up to this after four glorious hours in my sewing room this evening!

This is my first 'artsy' piece which I will display in our Downtown Artist's Cooperative.
I really, truly enjoyed "Dancing with Threads" today - thank you, Ann!

I believe I will call it
"Unfinished Purse"

I used rayon embroidery thread, 100% silk, Floriani silver metallic and Sulky 12w variegated all with white embroidery floss in the bobbin and a 90/14 Universal needle.  Textiles include 80/20 batting remnant, Kate Spade's gorgeous fabric, dark yellow flannel scraps, grosgrain ribbons and my great-grandmother Minnie Block's buttons.

Fun, fun, fun!!  Here are some close-ups:

I took Ann's suggestion and tried zig zag FMQ!

What a FUN piece - so glad to be a part of the SewCalGal FMQ 2012!
It's not too late to join!

All the Best,


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  1. Very cute. You did a great job on this tutorial. Glad to see you are having fun in this challenge. These look like fun designs to apply to your quilts.


  2. Thank you for your positive comments, SewCalGal! Your FMQ 2012 Challenge has been fantastic - can't wait to see what it is store for coming months!

  3. Your designs look really great! I love all the colors too.

  4. I like your bag, your creativity and your enthusiasm. Great jub.


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