Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stack 'n Whack

Hello, Blogland Friends!

After trying a new (to me) technique this weekend at my local quilt shop, I must say I'm rather hooked!

From Jason Yenter's "In the Beginning" fabric line.

I forgot to get a pic of the first step where you stack!  I tore every eight inches in the same spot (where the design repeated itself) - most everyone had a twelve inch repeat, but the eight-inch repeat worked out really nicely because it didn't waste as much fabric.  

Once you tear six strips of fabric, then you pin them all in place by locating a "spot" on the fabric that you want to match exactly - none of the edges lined up, but we trimmed those.  I picked out four different spots to match and smooth out.   When matching them up, the layers of fabric underneath seem to bunch up a bit, so you have to take the time to smooth them out nicely so it all lays perfectly flat.  So, that was the "stack".

Here's the "whack" where we cut 6 1/4" squares and then cut them each in half using a 45 degree marking line from our rulers.  Each half will create one entire block!  This means that from only six squares of fabric, you can create twelve blocks which makes this a fast quilt top!  Next, from the background fabric, we cut one 2 3/4" x WOF strip and cut four 
8 1/2" strips of that, then another 6 1/4" x WOF strip was cut for one 6 1/4" block cut in half on the 45 degree angle.
To sew one block you need:
Eight - 6 1/4" squares in half
Four - 6 1/4" squares in half
Four -  2 3/4" x 8 1/2" strips

The ironing technique is different because seams are pressed open.

The 8 1/2" strip must be trimmed away to create a triangle.

Sew the triangles together and ta-dah!

The center material above is the exact same material as the one beneath, but look how different each block looks - it's a magical effect!

How fun that the giraffes turned out so nicely!

Here is a finished tabletopper!

Have you ever tried this technique?

Do you like the kaleidoscope effect?

This is perfect for a busy fabric and with only two fabric choices that need to be made, it's simple to choose!

Best wishes,


PS  Sewing/quilting room makeover coming up!


  1. I can see why you are hooked, they look great. I have not tried this yet....

  2. I have not tried this,but love the kaleidoscope effect. Your table topper turned out beautifully!

  3. I have got to give that a try. Your blocks look incredible!!

  4. Those blocks are yummy-licious!!!!!! A Kaleidoscope quilt is my list of quilts to do.

  5. I made a Stack N' whack quilt 13 years ago. I made 2 more and donated those, so I have just one left. I started seeing more of them at quilt shows after I made mine 13 years ago. They are so fun to make and see how they turn out. I love the colors of yours.


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