Friday, June 1, 2012

June 2012 SewCalGal FMQ Challenge

This month's SewCalGal 2012 FMQ Challenge is sponsored by Cindy Needham.  She shared a few of her favorite sewing items with us and I had most of them on hand, plus a baby quilt that I had pin basted two days ago that needs to go out tomorrow morning!

Thanks to Cindy's very inspiring post, I have managed to finish almost all the's the back...

I created much smaller designs than I have in the past, plus went back to 'fill in' with bouncing bananas.

Here are the 1" pins that she recommends - I used the Kwik Klip as she suggests, too.

One very good point in her lesson is to take six very tiny stitches at the beginning (and at the end) of your stitching, then pull up the bobbin thread....

....and once secure, you can clip the threads.  I was doing this at the beginning of my fmq, but failing to do so at the end (?) - this was a valuable lesson, thank you, Cindy!

I finished the entire quilt and sent it out, but managed two quick pics before I did...

Here is a 'sneak peek' I'll be blogging about next...

I wish you all the very best with your June 2012 SewCalGal FMQ Challenge!  Please visit HERE to see all those who have posted.

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I am also posting this on CraftOMatic.


  1. Great job! Love those bouncing bananas.... that are perfect for this quilt!

  2. Great Quilt, and this came in handy for you right now I see. I don't have a quilt ready, just a couple of tops almost ready, so I will have to use a sample piece.

  3. Looking great Mary Ann....I haven't even had time to think about the challenge But it is a very interesting one...yours has turned out fantastic!!

  4. Wonderful quilting - your quilt looks great! I'll be doing mine on a sample one of these days... ~Jeanne


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