Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ready to EPP!

I was at Barnes & Noble Bookstore browsing through the meager selection of quilting books and lo and behold! a jewel appeared...

a new book by Jessica Alexandrakis of Life Under Quilts entitled "Quilting On the Go"...

After a couple of pleasant trips to two quilt shops and my sewing room, here we have an "EPP to-go" kit:

There are great projects, small in stature, to get one started...
sewing kit
pin cushion
and the like.

Then there's the really fetching "travel quilt" idea, which I fell in love with....
here's Jessica Alexandrakis' version:

Isn't this marvelous?
And...upon closer inspection, you will see that she allowed her nieces, nephews, family members, friends, etc. to choose the colors for a star that she created in their presence on a certain day, which is marked in Sharpie extra fine on the white centers of each star, making this a lovely memory quilt.

What a marvelous idea!
What's your opinion?
Do-able...or not?

All the Best,



  1. Hi Mary Ann, Glad you're having fun with EPP. Have you stared a Travel Quilt of your own yet? I'd love to see photos~


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