Monday, May 21, 2012

Quilt Show! (Quilting by Embroidery Machine)

Please enjoy the 'show' from

Baby boy quilt

Race car quilt

ABC quilt

Twin bed state quilts

Peek-A-Boo quilt

Sunbonnet Sue and Fisherman Fred

Embroidery machines can duplicate free motion quilting designs for a perfect look.

Kenny from says:
"Stitcher Lorrie has been emailing me about a quilt that she made for a show in Paducah KY in April. I've been going nuts wanting to see it, and she just sent in pictures!! It's a Montana Sampler quilt, and it features a smashing variety of embroidery designs that are based on traditional quilt blocks ( to see 'em, click the link on the left side that says "Quilts," then click around that category for a while. It's big. Immense. Really, there's a lot of cool stuff in that category). Lorrie, this is stunning! I'm overwhelmed by the beauty, the precision, and all of those stitches and thread changes. Wowza -- congratulations on this amazing accomplishment!"

Safari Silhouettes

Delft Blue quilt top

A Wise Old Owl

John's Wish List

"What Little Boys Are Made Of"

Quilt As You Go method using embroidery machine with batting as stabilizer

Breast Cancer Awareness

Monet-style quilting with machine embroidery lillies

Cup 'o Java wall hanging (I believe this belongs in my kitchen!)

Eighteen little monkeys jumping on the bed!

and I had to share this because it's absolutely amazing - a sheer wedding dress train covered with machine embroidery using water soluable stabilizer...amazing!

I love how personalized these are!

Hope you enjoyed the show,


For more pictures of items created with machine embroidery, please visit 

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