Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sewing Room Straightening!

It's a very cool and drizzly Memorial Day Weekend here in the upper central USA, so in lieu of camping today, I've gotten after my sewing room...

Here's today's results - let me know what you think or your suggestions, please :-)  I appreciate all suggestions!

Sewing room closet...hmmmm....what could be behind the curtain?

My light-weight Janome Jem Gold with extension table and lighting to the left sitting on a 
4" table from Sam's Club with a small white cabinet/extension table with four drawers to the right with a 
Quilter's Cut 'n Press on top.  

A close-up on the right

...and one to the left

I decided to go with a blue version to cover the newly built cabinet and forego the doors (which are put to good use somewhere else)

This new cabinet holds batting, UFOs, scrap bins and backings - that's a lotta bang for the buck!

I hung up my rulers with small hanging nails alongside the new cabinet.

Even behind the door, space has been utilized.

A girl's gotta have a radio and a TV, right?  Today I was watching the 2011 Paducah quilter's DVD.  I also have DVDs from Nancy Zieman, Eleanore Burns and several fmq'ers.  The dresser that the TV and radio are sitting on is filled with yardage, AccuQuilt dies, Nancy Zieman quilting and purse-making templates and drawing materials to practice for fmq.

Do you spot the two unused cabinet doors to the left?

Lots going on over here.  Scrapbooking, lightbox, patterns, sewing box and cutting mat rest atop a wheeled metal shelving unit from Target.  There are five containers of my favorite magazines including McCall's and Thread's, among others.  Underneath are more scrapbooking supplies and knitting supplies!

I converted a small, wooden TV table ($8 from WalMart) into a pressing board.  The sewing cabinet holds my Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0 and also my Brother serger.  To the left is my 12x12 rotating cutting board which has come in so handy for piecing!  I don't know what I'd do without that handy board.

There's one more corner to share...

My favorite quilting books including the Freshman-Senior Year of the Harriet and Carriet Hargrave Quilter's Academy, and many more of my favorite FMQ books plus a baby quilt that needs binding resting atop several binders which need filling - I love to fill binders with free patterns I find and the largest binders will hold my FMQ examples.  These sit atop a folded down cutting table with two drawers.  The table is on wheels and can be moved to the center of the room when finishing a quilt or cutting large pieces.  The wall behind it is left bare to utilize as a design wall when needed.

After three years of quilting, this is where I am - finally!

My goal was to have a space to create, sew, draw, design, etc. and I've got it :-)

Of course, it'll never been completely finished!  Leaving a comment for me will make my day :-)

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Happy Sewing and Creating,



  1. Oh wow...enjoyed the have a wonderful space!

  2. Thanks for visiting me over at Stone Soup and for leaving comments. Your space looks great. Isn't it amazing what we sewers/crafters/quilters can come up with in the spaces that we have?!!


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