Monday, November 19, 2012

Congratulations to Catskill Quilter and Barbara Woods and a free, online pattern for ALL OF YOU, too!

CONGRATULATIONS - Catskill Quilter and Barbara Woods have each WON one signed pattern each from Pamela  at Aardvark Quilts, who was recently featured here on RocknQuilts!!  Thank you for offering two free patterns to give away, Pamela!  We're also looking forward to your book that comes out in February 2013 with a forward by the oh-so-famous gentleman from Sweden - Kaffee Fassett!  Not to mention awaiting your first and fabulous new fabric line!!!

About "Dreaming in Color":  “Kaffe Fassett is to color what Julia Child was to French cooking."
I can honestly say that Pamela Goecke-Dindorf of Aardvark Quilts is to quilting what Julia Child was to French cooking!  Her designs and color values are strikingly beautiful....

Catskill Quilter wins:
a signed copy of 'Electric Fans'

and Barbara Woods wins:
a signed copy of 'Squares Squared'

Both Catskill Quilter and Barbara Woods have been contacted via e-mail and will receive their pattern shortly via snail mail.

Thank you to everyone who participated and as a 'thank you', here's a great tip: AccuQuilt  for 35% percent off more than 100 items!  If you detest standing in line (like I do) on Black Friday, then this is really a great time to get into a Baby Go! for only $89 - I've never seen it that low before anywhere, have  you?  Even the big cutters are deeply discounted.  If I had the room..... :-)

Also, a FREE pattern for all of you from AccuQuilt and myself....
AccuStars and Stripes pillow designed by Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts
Free shipping on order $99 and above, so get yourself a die to go with that Baby Go!  I highly recommend the 2 1/2" die for strip sets, jelly rolls and quilt bindings, plus 2 1/2" squares.  See that tip HERE.

All the Best,


  1. Congratulations to the winners! Those patterns both look lovely! Thanks for the tips and also your own free pattern as well :)

  2. Oh, Mary Ann, I am very excited! I cannot wait to try this pattern!


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