Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Give-Away!!! + Meet a fabulous designer and quiltmaker!

Color value


Aboriginal, jungle and Asian fabrics

Simple construction, yet...

fabulous results!

Inspired by books or everyday objects

"Memoirs of a Geisha" - inspired fans utilizing Asian Geisha prints

Fresh, modern

inspired by tradition, yet utilizes

striking details like striped borders

and sashiko-stitching

whimsical prints for "Baby Aardvark Quilts"

together with sixty-five different designs

of such tremendous variety

(perfect for a Russian Samovar)

effective simplicity


use of stripes and color values creating tremendous interest

and diamonds throughout the beautiful "Harlequin" pattern are very striking...

please allow me to introduce the designer of these beautiful quilts
who creates all her own from drafting to cutting, sewing and binding...

"Tannenbaum Tree Skirt"
Mary Ann of RocknQuilts with Pamela Goecke Dinndorf of Aardvark Quilts

Pamela Goecke Dinndorf of

is celebrating her debut at the Houston Quilt Show with a pattern GIVE-AWAY
here on

Here's how to WIN one of TWO patterns being given away!!

1.  Visit her website and come back here with the name of your favorite pattern

2.  Tell us what intrigued you about the pattern in a separate entry

3.  "Like" Aardvark Quilts on facebook for a third chance to win!

This give-away is open to all.

Pamela is coming out with her own fabric line and book (with forward by none other than K. Fassett!!) in 2014, so watch for her work!!!

Good luck - buen suerte - Viel Glueck - bon chance!

Winners will be announced on Sunday, Nov. 18th, 2013


  1. what a delightful trunk show..her colours, vivid creations are sweet beats to anyones heart

  2. I love the Herringbone tablerunner.

  3. What fabulous quilts!
    I like the 'squares squared' pattern!

  4. I like the way a simple shape has been used to such great effect!

  5. Boho Simplified because of its simple design and Forks because I live close to Forks, WA

  6. #2 What intrigued me about Boho Simplified is it is beautifully simple and a quilt I could make in a day or 2 which I love. Forks just looks different until you hear it is Forks and then they appear. Genius!

  7. Beautiful quilts. Prisms is my favorite of her patterns. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. What intrigued me about Prisms was it looks complicated because of the fabric combinations, but the piecing seems to be fairly easy. It also has movement which I really like. Thanks.

  9. I liked her on Facebook. Thanks.

  10. My favorite pattern is "Frog." ("Paperweight" is a close second!)

  11. What intrigues me about these patterns, and ALL of her patterns, is her use of fabric. The quilts are wonderfully exotic and Bohemian...

  12. i posted about my mother-in-laws quilt that looks a whole lot like that the other day, baby peel

  13. I like how she used color values to make it look woven.

  14. I love the Harlinquin pattern! The colors she used here are so rich!

  15. I like how the diamonds make larger diamonds and then there is even rows of diamonds going straight up and down!

  16. I liked aarkvark quilts on face book!

  17. The Squares Squared pattern is lovely.

  18. I like how she took a simple geometric form and made a striking quilt design.

  19. My favorite pattern is Big Peels.

  20. I think it is great that she found a way to make the old Orange Peel pattern modern and fresh.

  21. I like the points and the fabric choices.

  22. I love the PYRAMID SCHEME quilt! :)

  23. I love all the triangles! The colors that were used for this quilt just jump out and look fabulous. You don't see quilts as often made from triangles like this. It's just a cool quilt. :)

  24. I liked Aardvark Quilts on facebook! :)
    Carla Geates

  25. I love the pattern of the diamonds and the different sizes.

  26. Oh wow, she's the genius behind my beloved Harlequin pattern.

  27. Choosing only one is really hard, but I do love Waffles!

  28. I like squares lately, and I really like how these patterns highlight the fabric because for me, it's all about the fabric!

  29. I liked aardvark quilts on facebook!


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