Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tips and Men, Part 2

Tips and Men, part 2

Stage 1:  select pattern/size of quilt See This Post  Gosh, you all are so helpful!  I got 

loads of fantastic ideas and by far, pattern #1 was "the" one!  NPI

Stage 2:  Fabric Selection - Here's where we're at!

I had ordered Indigo Crossing from Moda from Green Fairy  Quilts a week ago (before this 

all began) because they sell jelly rolls – 

perfect for the selected “Rail Fence” pattern.  To this, I added an eggshell white Moda jelly 

roll and here are the results:

Here's the big question:  To go with this or to change it?  (Remember:  I'm in a hurry!  

It's -38 Fahrenheit here!)

Stage 3:  Choose batting – this my  cousin Bill is coming along to help select this very 

afternoon!! – here’s the big question:  poly, poly/cotton blend, wool, etc.  

Which batt would you choose?  

P.S.  I’ll be machine quilting at home.

Thanks in advance for your advice/tips – they are SEW appreciated!!

Tips and Men original Post HERE.

Awesome lady quilter Rock'n it in the Bakken Oil Fields of North Dakota!


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  1. Keep what you have. I love indigo crosing and those are definatly guy colors. Very nice quilt you will end up with.


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