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Tips and Men

Tip Sheet!

Squares you can cut from a Fat Quarter (18”x22”) fabric rectangle

99 – 2”                      30-3.5”                     12-5”              
56 – 2.5”                    20-4”                         12-5.5”
42-3”                         16-4.5”                       9-6”                6-6.5”

Quilting for a Man!

Here's the story:  My cousin turned the big "50" and he has requested a 'homey, comfortable quilt to wrap himself in'.  Being 5'10", I'm thinking a full or queen-sized.  I've been perusing quilt mags all weekend and h ave settled on a couple..., but I've got to ask, what would you suggest?  Especially for a guy??  He doesn't mind flowery fabric and doesn't care for 'modern'.  He does work in the North Dakota oil fields and lives in a man camp, which isn't as 'scary' as it might sound.  They are hard-working men and women who are supporting their families, just like you and I.  Being there for months at a time can be challenging, so a homemade quilt from a loved one can really raise the spirits.  That's exactly why I'd like to make him something special.

A lady quilter in the Bakken!  Here's her website:

1.  Country Lane by Ann Baxter from Simple Quilts & Sewing, pg. 31, Winter #127
This is a rail fence sized 60"x75".  I think it'd be easy enough to add a row to make it slightly larger, but there is a handy kit with everything in it for top & binding for $65.95 plus $5.50 shipping from, but I was unsuccessful in locating it online.  Perhaps it will be updated after the holiday.

2.  Pretty, Simple by Mary Fons, quilty magazine, pg. 75, Jan./Feb. 2013, Issue #3
This is a beginner level quilt, which would make it FAST and I'd like that!  It has a nice border to play around with, but it's sized 64x72 (twin) and a larger quilt would be nicer for him.  I'm sure a person could figure this all out mathematically, but....I'm not that person :-(  I wish there had been size options included. 

3.  By the Sea by Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Co., Quilting Quickly magazine, pg. 19, Premiere Issue featuring free video tutorials for each project!  Check their website for their Daily Deals!
This is a cool chevron-inspired quilt made REALLY EASY with 10" square pre-cuts (two Layer Cakes).  This would 'fly' together in no time flat, but it's a bit on the modern-side.  The size is perfect - 86x98.5" - so no math to mess with!  A traditional fabric line would help make it more the recipient's taste, I believe.  There are quilt kits available for this project from

4.  Piece Out by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company, Quilting Quickly, Pg. 73
This is a rail fence with a 'square' twist!  

4.  Garden Path by Pat Sloan from Fons and Porter's Easy Quilts Spring 2013, pg. 39
Absolutely gorgeous, will take more time, but is traditional and comes in THREE sizes!  66x66 square, long twin 66x102, or queen 102x102.  I'm thinking Long Twin would be very nice.  Available at 

Ok - here's the deal - which one to make?  Will you please assist me in making this choice?  Which quilt would you choose and why - OR - do you have another suggestion for a man's quilt?  I appreciate your comments and suggestions VERY much!!  Thank you!



  1. #1 is cool! You can cut your own strips from fabrics you think your cousin would like... and make it as big as you'd like.

    #2 is nice too... maybe homespun plaids (or repurposed men's plaid shirts) and one of the "antique" colors of a solid. I've used Moda Bella Solid "Paper Bag" and it's great!

    #3 - Chevrons are really in right now... and I like those colors a lot.

    #4 - Intriguing... not my fav but still very nice!

    The last one/also numbered #4 - I think you should make that one for you!!! :)

    I need to make a manly quilt for my youngest nephew who is graduating from HS in June... and these gave me some ideas! Thanks!

  2. My cousin (male) is turning 50 this year too and I have been looking for the perfect quilt. I like #3 the Chevrons quilt and especially the colours!! For my cousin I was thinking on this quilt that I have saved on my Pinterest board:
    Let me know what you think!

  3. I like the first one a lot. Have you considered a log cabin? Almost any guy knows the log cabin pattern and you could use up a lot of your scraps which, if yours are like mine, are probably reproducing everytime you turn the lights out!

  4. # 1 rail fence would be the quickest, and as cold as it is in ND right now, the quicker the better! I would do it in very bright colors......

  5. Oh I Love The first one Myself very much. I am simply going to have to branch out and try some new ideas and patterns. What a great post and inspiration for a beginner. Thanks You.

  6. I would sugggest large pieces and a mix of plaid and solid fabrics that will all stand up to hard laundering. So, of these, I'd say number 2 in homespun fabrics. Can't wait to see what you pick. Lane

  7. I like #1 the rail fence or you could do a Disappearing 9 patch. There are some tuts and videos online that make it look really easy and you can make them out of charm packs, so very little cutting.


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