Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Exciting news for Janome quilters!

Exciting news for Janome owners!

From Diane Guadynski's blogspot:

"Recently in my Paducah classes I saw the new Janome foot, below, photo by Ann Fahl and used with her permission.

(See Diane Guadynski's blogspot for the photo.)

This foot comes with three options for the base, an open toe, a closed toe, and a large circular plastic foot with rings in it used as guides for spacing free motion quilting such as echo quilting.

What attracted my eye immediately to it was the built-in way to adjust it in the spring itself, on the foot itself. Instead of adjusting how tight the foot sits on the quilt, you can easily change the foot itself to float more easily, to eliminate the hopping action, and glide instead, whatever you like. It worked very well for those who had it on their Janomes.

Sometimes we don't realize the right tool will do the job better and make quilting so much easier and more relaxing."

Thank you so much for sharing, Diane!

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