Friday, November 12, 2010

A small problem...

I haven't written recently because my right thumb has been out of commission. Apparently, I have an overstretched tendon after spending six straight hours quilting and then several hours of correcting papers in school, plus two full hours of dusting while on duty at my part-time evening job, so I have had to completely rest the past couple of days! The dr. says no sewing, quilting, cooking or cleaning for a week!! I can leave the cleaning, but now sewing or quilting during our four-day weekend...waaaahhhhh!!!! So, I did the next best thing and checked out a bunch of quilting books from the library to study. I should really go up to the Heritage Center here in Bismarck and look at some actual quilts, too... I have lots to write about batting (batts), but it'll have to wait. Dr's orders to keep it short and to the point tonight.

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