Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thank you, Verna and Joy!

The gals at Bismarck Sewing & Quilting helped me figure out the Flying Geese mystery!  One end was always ending up 1/8" too short, so I was given two great tips that I hope work out this coming weekend when I get back to sewing....

Tip 1)     When you set your ruler on the fabric to draw the diagonal, offset the ruler a bit so that your pencil lead isn't inadvertently forced over 1/16", then sew just outside the line so that the thread doesn't pull it up another 1/16".

Tip 2)  Get out the AccuQuilt Go! Baby and use the 2 1/2" half square triangle die to cut the squares out into triangles.  These half square triangles will have the 1/4" notches cut right off each end, so it will sew together perfectly without marking!

I'm excited about trying Tip #2...I think both will work well, but #2 will save me something precious.....TIME!

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