Wednesday, July 6, 2011

21 years of wedded bliss, road trip, quilt shop pics, and $2,400 in prizes you could win!!!

Today was one of those rare, special days that come around once a year or so...

We'd like to share it with you!

We took off on a little road trip - an adventure - an explore, if you will, in honor of our special day today...

and after an hour's drive, we came upon a little quilt shop called....
Dakota Sew & So in Dickinson, ND

Surprise!  An old Singer sewing machine was peeking out from under the bushes in front!

They had fun fabrics I couldn't resist inside!
I bought these while my DH checked out the hardware store next door:
Owl fabrics for my 17 year old DD
(Great idea to post which fabrics these are, Sue!)

Jackie Clark style #02480 for for the owls on light pink background

the other two are "Life's a Hoot" by Tammy Andersen for ADORNit just sew www.adornit.ccm 
#T - 00005 All Owls

...and a purse pattern to use with those fabrics!

Lovely light pink fabrics for my dear Mother
(the words are names of her favorite teas)
to be made into a set of pillow cases for her bed

then it was off to a few antique stores and then a great little place downtown called
"The Village"

My DH was such a great sport and took my photo out front!
The following photos are from inside this forty-one year old business...
fabulously decorated with fine Italian pottery, silk flowers and gorgeous linens....

Handmade, Amish furniture!
Then, back home to collect a prize!
A couple of days ago, I purchased a raffle ticket for $2 to benefit flood victims in our area and guess who won the raffle on her anniversary?!?
Inside was a bag of Breakfast Blend beans and a venti-sized double-walled cup!

My DM's camera had the incorrect date, but it's a nice picture anyway!

I took a picture of our wedding picture from 7/6/90 for comparison's sake...uff dah!  What a difference!!
My DH is sure handsome in uniform, isn't he?!?

And this is the present my DH got for me today while we were at "The Village".
It says, "When I count my blessings, I count you twice."
What a sweetheart and a blessing he has been to me and our family all these years.
I feel overflowingly grateful with all God has blessed us.
May you also have great blessings and may your cup overflow!

All the Best,


After receiving my "Country Woman" magazine in the mail today, I saw a fantastic Quilt A Block Contest advertisement on page 9 and had to share with all you fantastic quilters and crafters out there in blogland...
you will find the official contest rules and entry form at
There's $2,400 of prizes involved in this contest - someone has to win - why not you?!?


  1. Happy Anniversary! All men are handsome when in uniform :) I speak from experience (mine wears one too!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Mary-Ann!!!

    LOVE your photos! It's always so interesting to see what shops there are all over the world - sure wish I could visit The Village!!!

    You and your hubby really haven't changed very much at all - you still look SO happy!

    Warm wishes! Vikki xoxo

  3. Happy Anniversary.....enjoyed your post...

  4. Happy Anniversary (a day late!)You still make a handsome couple! I'm so glad you had such a fun outing with your husband. We just got back from getting away for a long vacation and it was wonderful! Congratulations for winning the raffle!

  5. Congratulations Mary both look very nice in both pics...nice to see you enjoyed your day too....

  6. Thank you for your comments, everyone! It was especially kind of you to mention that we're still lookin' good ;-)

  7. Happy Anniversary!! Looks like you had a great day. I love love love the owl fabrics. My daughter #2 is expecting and the theme for the baby's room is owls. Who makes those luscious fabrics?

  8. What a lovely day you had with your husband! Road trips are fun. Congratulations!

  9. what a wonderful day it sounds like you both experienced...loved the photos of you then and now...Happy Happy anniversary and many many more..

  10. Happy anniversary to you and your DH, Mary Ann! What a wonderful way to spend the day...

  11. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful way to spend the day.


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