Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stash busting!

Please allow me to introduce you to my's humble, it's not as large as some or as small as others, but like all the rest, I need to get going and cut, piece, and quilt all this up by Christmas!

(I started quilting in Nov. 2011, so my stash is rather humbly sized, in my opinion.  It all fits in the closet nicely, with room to spare, as far as I'm concerned....)

My attempt at conquering the dining room closet worked out pretty well after removing a few coats and adding a second organizer which I bought at Target today for $2.50 in their 
"dollar store" section.

Left:  Christmas fabrics, fat quarters, batting
Right:  Quilter's Academy Freshman Year projects in progress, 14 day FMQ Challenge pieces

Up top:  storage bags (saved from bedding packages) and large 4-6 yard cuts for backs of quilts
left cube:  warm colors
center:  music, coffee and batiks
right:  Insulbrite, 108" wide quilt back white, tone on tone whites, Kona cotton black and brights

Guess what my husband said when he saw this?!?

Please leave your comment below.

PS  It was a clean one ;-)

Can't wait to hear from you and see what you think he said!!!


  1. Something manly like.. are you planning to make something with that.. or are you just collecting it??

  2. and why do you need more faric?????

  3. I was surprised when my Husband saw my stash (which is just a bit bigger than yours) and told me I needed to go buy more fabric! He knew just what to say lol.

  4. Robin, that is exactly what my hubby said as well. I am embarrassed to show my stash after that comment. heh
    I don't know what your hubby said Mary Ann, I don't know him at all. But let me venture:
    "Hey Beautiful! I just LOVE the quilts you make. I am so Glad you have this fabric."

  5. Hmmm...I think your stash is definitely modest. I have mine in four probably similar in size to yours. One box is all scraps, leftovers from handbag making days. Two boxes are for quilts...then a box with some solids, flannel, muslin, etc. I have a large tote with my batting pieces.

    I would love to sew through all mine fabric...Unfortunately I end up with more before that ever happens.

    As to your hubby...'Where's dinner?'

    If you sew on your kitchen table, I would almost think he figured it was buried. =)

  6. LOL! Don't know what he said but Mr.P would have said "This Is Not Your Crafitng Room,Get your!@* Off The Table And Where It Belongs" to which I reply "This Whole House IS MY Crafting Room"!
    I recognize that coffee print :)

  7. lol I showed my (non-quilting) partner and asked what she would say...Her reply was "Is that all you've got?" I think you have a lovely stash.

  8. LOLOL!!! Your comments are sew much FUN to one has guessed what my husband said when he saw my stash covering the entire table......keep those guesses coming!! ;-)

  9. My husband would say, "Let me build some shelves for you so you can store your fabric." And, that's exactly what he did! I hope your husband was as supportive! I have a feeling he wasn't though, LOL.

  10. If he is anything like my husband, he would laugh and ask..."do you think you have enough fabric?" in return, I would say, if you think I dont have enough, I can go and buy more....HA!!

  11. He said, "Wow, honey....I'd love a pair of quilted boxers in the blue calico." Or maybe, "Seeing all that fabric makes me want to quilt. Can you show me how to make a nine-patch?"

  12. How about,wow honey you have quite a nice collection started. What awesome project are you working on now?

  13. He said.....nothing! My husband smiled nicely and walked right by :-)


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