Sunday, July 3, 2011

Guest blogger Marjorie today on RocknQuilts!

Marjorie has created amazing quilts, all quilted by hand!  I just love her work and wanted to share it here with you, as I highly suspect that you will fall in love with her quilts just as I have!  Marjorie lives in a very scenic part of Canada from which she takes her inspiration.  It's easy to see how that can happen....
Marjorie from Shepody's Quilts

Hello everyone....I am very happy to be a guest on Mary Ann’s blog. She is a talented, generous lady; who loves everyone; from what I can see.

I am a 58 year old wife, mother, grandmother who was born right here in this community and stayed. I love it here in the country. I live very close to the Hopewell Rocks famous;; you Now that is in New Brunswick, Canada. 
I am at the foot of a small mountain, and right beside the Shepody Bay.
Now on to the quilting, ok....My dear mother-in-law; whom we lost a year ago, taught me to quilt. She was covering an old bedspread for me; and showed me how to quilt enough to hold everything together....I was That was 25 years time flies,eh.
I wanted to continue this; so I made one for each of my 3 sons and one for ourselves...then I put one in a sale. I said; if this sells; I’ll make another...well; it has never stopped.
I now sell from my home to tourists during the summer months and from my website: Shepody’s Quilter. I do a lot of custom work, besides hand quilting for others who piece their tops. I have ‘hand quilted’quilts all over the world..England and Austria are the farthest I have mailed one though.It has only been in this past year that I started blogging;
 and love it now too.  And oh boy....all of these new styles, and modern quilts have

 captured my heart; I must say. And I am practicing new techniques; I really am!!! FMQ
 especially...I need lots of practice.

I just want to thank everyone who I am connected to on here for their friendship and ideas...and hopefully one of these days meet some of you. It is a pleasure; really.
Thank you Mary Ann for your time and for everyone listening to me       This is the link to my work website...have a peek.'s quilter or just google....'Shepody's Quilter'...have a great day

Incredible, hand-quilted quilts!
Thank you, Marjorie - I'm certain our blogging buddies will agree that you do beautiful hand work.  Marjorie told me that it takes an average of two weeks to finish hand-quilting one quilt.
Isn't that amazingly quick?
OK, Marjorie, we all want to know...have to DO you DO it?
Hopefully you'll post about that on your blog soon - thank you for being our guest!

Do come back on Tuesday for


  1. Thank you, Marjorie, for sharing how you began your journey of beautiful quilts!

  2. Marjorie I always enjoying seeing your quilts , lovely hand quilting and I am still trying to convince her to quilt with us on Tuesdays , I know too far to drive but hey we provide lunch ;-0

  3. Nice to learn more about Marjorie. Beautiful quilts. And where she lives looks like a beautiful place. ...would love to visit someday.


  4. Marjorie...your work is amazing. It is always fun to get a little bit of a glimpse into your life and where you live....oh, and by the way, you don't look 58! :)
    Karen ...your blogging friend

  5. Always in awe of such dedicated hand quilting. Great post.


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