Friday, July 22, 2011

Flood water recedes; leaves behind terrible destruction in Minot, North Dakota

Before the Minot flood 2011.

As of Sunday, June 19th, 2011, our friends returned home to their devastated house, which they can no longer call home.

Inside the house post-flood.

A once pristine basement covered in green and black mold within one day.

The main floor.  
Mold covers everything, including the leather couches.

Entryway post flood.

3rd St. SW Minot, North Dakota June 2011.

One of six schools in Minot lost to flooding.

800+ homes are completely destroyed
2100 homes are devastated
12,000 people are dislocated
Many people are homeless

The big question:  Will a FEMA trailer withstand -30 to -45 degrees below Fahrenheit?  Will the trailers be properly insulated in the roof, walls, and floor?  Will the trailers be tied down to cement pads to withstand our North Dakota prairie winds that blow up to 60 miles per hour?  Will FEMA use the correct foam-insulated skirting and heat tape on the water pipes underneath each trailer?  Will the trailers be set up before the first snow falls (which can happen in September and definitely by the first week of November).

The second big question is, are you willing to help in any way you can?  Would a $5.00 donation to the Red Cross be too much to ask?  Could your family survive a winter in arctic cold and wind in a small trailer?  These families will be trying.  They need your help.  PLEASE GIVE and PLEASE pass this information along.

Today in a Minot neighborhood.
This was very welcome relief to our friends who had been working so hard this past week.


(Announcement from the Minot Public Schools, who have lost six school buildings)
At this time, arrangements are being made to move:
  • Lincoln Elementary to the First Presbyterian Church
  • Erik Ramstad to the Minot City Auditorium in combination with portable classrooms on the north side of the auditorium
  • Longfellow to portable classrooms onsite
  • Central Campus PLUS to the west side of Souris River Campus
  • Head Start into portable classrooms at the Jefferson Early Head Start program
  • Options are still being explored for the Adult Learning Center and the Teacher Center
School is scheduled to start on August 24. This date is dependent on the availability and set-up of portable classrooms. All high school activities will start as scheduled.

Once again, thank you to the many individuals and organizations, in our community and throughout our nation, for their assistance and support as we begin the recovery process.
                                                                      Superintendent Mark Vollmer


Now that the water from the Mouse (aka Souris) River is receding, Facebook friends describe the smell and mold as HORRENDOUS.  I believe this has to do with our 100+F temperatures this past week.  As clean-up begins, all household belongings are on the curb as garbage.  Garbage pick-up organized thus far has only included things in garbage bags, as the city plans for removal of furniture, lawn tractors, batteries, etc.


Minot residents must conserve water and most sectors of the city are under a strict boil order.


Flooded Minot residence.  June 2011.

What's it look like inside residences and businesses now the water is receding?

Here's an example of the inside of a flooded Minot business called Ebeneezer's Bar and Grill where my family enjoyed delicious hamburgers and bangers and mash many times:

Can you imagine cleaning this up in 100+F temps with high humidity, no water, no electricity and no windows can be opened because they've swelled shut?

This is what 12,000 residents in Minot are dealing with right now.
Please pray.
Please donate.
Have a heart.


  1. It took a while for me to 'take in' the photos my friend sent me via her Blackberry of the state of their once beautiful home which they retired to just four years ago. This has been weighing heavily on my heart this week and I felt it was important to help in some way throughout blogland in hopes that donations will be made. Our friends will be living in our 28' camper trailer until their FEMA trailer arrives and is set up. Thankfully they don't have to stay in a tent like so many others, since all remaining hotel rooms and apts. in the area are booked solid. Thank you very much for your prayers.

  2. That is so sad!(We are entering hurricane season around here and hoping we don't have a repeat of this kind of devastation.) It makes you feel so helpless to realize that sometimes there is nothing you can do to protect your home from these kinds of things.
    I am praying for all in North Dakota who have had their lives turned upside down!

  3. Flooding has been so horrible around the country and in Canada this year. :(

  4. Mary Ann, my prayers go out to this family. I just sent quilts to Alabama, now working on a family in Wisconsin and then will move onto Joplin and hopefully the Minot area. I wish I could quilt everyone and help those in so much need! Prayers going up!


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