Sunday, February 3, 2013

quick Valentine's Day table topper

Guild was this weekend and we got together to do our favorite thing...quilt!
If you haven't joined a guild in your area, I encourage you to do so.  Ask for guild information at your local quilt shop or attend events like the National Quilting Day Association on and ask those lovely guys and gals.

Quick Applique Table Topper

Layout for the project was batting on bottom, two pieces of material right side together, on top of the batting.

The morning project was an applique Valentine's Day table topper created with a paper template.  We pinned the template down on top of the layered batting and RST fabrics, then sewed 1/4" seam all around, leaving a 4" opening along one side.

Then we removed the pins and gored the four corners and graded the excess batting along the 1/4" seam.

We turned the table topper right sides out, rolled and smoothed out all edges with our fingers, then went to the ironing board to press.

 Once the fabric was turned right sides out, we sewed the 4" opening shut with needle and thread.

We then cut out the oval in the center of the paper template and placed the entire template down on top of the finished table topper and pinned the center into place.  This will help you place your traced appliques.


The wonder product!  Sew Perfect Steam-A-Seam 2 Double-Stick Fusible Web
No Sewing Required Applique Sheets

 Sticky on both sides!

 Cut templates after you have ironed one side down.  This helps to stabilize the material and the edges won't fray.  It was easy to cut!

We used the template to mark the center spot.

After setting the appliques in place and taking off the paper backs (which was easy to remove with this product!), we pinned down the appliques, then ironed the them in place.

Then it was time to embellish with stitches of our choice - blanket stitch, feather stitch, satin stitch and zig zag stitches were popular.

A gal with a Pfaff ambition 2.0 was able to utilize a special stitch for a heart stitched border - very cute!

One guild member chose to create her table topper from flannels in beautifully dramatic colors.
 This table topper could be used for any holiday and would be great for machine embroidery personalization!
We sure had fun - what are you making for the month of February or for Valentine's Day?  I'd love to hear from you!

All the Best,

PS  "Tips and Men" post followers:  The 'paper bag' fabric has been ordered and borders are being added to the finished rail fence quilt top.  More coming soon!


  1. It looks like you spent gorgeous time with your guild. Very nice table mat.

  2. I love the table topper Mary Ann. Do you have templates to go with it? I'm not sure if I just overlooked them, but I didn't see any.


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