Monday, February 25, 2013

Tips and Men, Part 8

Tips and Men, Part 8

This was one busy weekend for company and for quilting, both!  I got to go to two quilt shops with my sis-in-law who is also a quilter, my Mother got to pick out a new used vehicle and the Tips and Men quilt for my cousin is even closer to being finished - all that's left is to hand sew the binding on!!

This is a King-sized quilt - it's a 'whopper' - quite heavy, indeed!

Here's a template I designed and cut out onto lightweight cardboard.  The Fons & Porter pencil with white lead and a handy-dandy tape measure round out the goodies.

With an 85" space, I'm creating three template markings per 17".

The midpoint of the template marks the 17" spot.

Here I am at work!

The Brother Nouvelle PQ1500S sails through quilt sandwiches at 1500 stitches per minute.

It sure is fun to use!

Flying star borders

I like this photo-it really shows the border nicely.

 Here's a close up of the stitched template.  Sinking thread ends kept me busy for about two hours last night, but it was fun to snuggle up under the quilt while working!

Square up the corners and edges to 1".

Attach the binding, leaving a healthy 10" unstitched at each end, plus a 20" opening.

Stop at a 1/4" from the end 

sew down

Walking foot

Here's a picture of the quilt that I'd hoped to show off the binding, but it was too difficult to photograph due to its fairly monstrous size - the binding only shows at the very bottom - sorry about that!  Once the binding is sewn on, I'll take one last photograph and show you the completed quilt!!

The next quilt has been cut :  10" squares in various 1930s prints featuring kitties.  This one's for me :-)  My sis-in-law and I found this at one of the two quilt shops we frequented this weekend - it'll make for a good memory to use this quilt!

What are you working on this week?
Who are you sewing/quilting for?


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