Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tips and Men, Part 9

Tips and Men, Part IX

"Binding and a Finish"

Last time I entered a quilt into a quilt show, the judge advised being sure to "fill" my binding.  After researching different types of bindings HERE, I found that leaving a 1/2" of batting and backing to the right of the sewn-on binding strip will give me the binding the adjudicator sought.  
Perhaps this quilt would now win?!?

National Quilting Day is coming up on March 9th, 2013 and I am going to show this quilt :-)  Can't wait!

Attaching the binding with a walking foot

Folding over the binding to the back with 1/2" of material 'filling' the binding

Now time to hand sew with a slip stitch the full length around.

A finished, mitered corner was created by clipping the extra batting and backing off completely at a 45 degree angle so there wouldn't be too much filling.

Now, as tradition dictates, I need to sleep one night under the quilt before giving it to my DC because...

More Tips and Men!  Thanks for following along and leaving your helpful hints :-)  It's been fun!



  1. I had that problem too, a couple of years ago. I have been practising with my quilts too, and seem to have mastered it, though not this way. Time will tell for me I guess. Yours looks really beautiful!.

  2. Practice makes perfect is so true! Thank you for stopping by, Joan. I'd love to see how you have mastered a filled binding. Do you have a link for us, please?

  3. Your quilt is very pretty.I like your FM stars on the borders of your quilt. I am learning to do FM embroidery. I to am putting stars on the quilt border of my daughter's quilt.

  4. Thank you, Deborah! I wish you all the best on your border stars work - FM style embroidery is fun - practice really does help make perfect.


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