Friday, March 2, 2012

In the Beginning...there was Jason Yenter's beautiful new fabric and quilt designs!

I'm just in love with Jason Yenter's beautiful new fabric and especially the above quilt design from his newest Feb. 2012 book "The Quilts of Avalon".  Gosh, this is just dreamy!

I was thrilled to see this fabric line available at J&R Vacuum & Sewing Center in Bismarck, ND priced at only $6.99/yd!  Sew you know what happened.....

I bought five yards for an April 21st "Stack 'n Whack" class I'll be attending

(The pattern recommends three yards of colorful fabric and two yards of lighter, contrasting fabric, so I'm pleased with these two from Jason Yenter's new "In the Beginning" line.


couldn't resist two more yards for a Nancy Zieman purse....can't wait to show you the finished projects!

With solid black Kona cotton, I believe the above two patterns will really make a stunning purse!

Please let us all know...what fabric are you just crazy about this spring?

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  1. Hey you :) Hows life been treating you Lately? Good I hope!
    I am trying not to look at fabric,so I am not tempted to buy some! Saving $$ to buy something to hold/store my fabric in.

    That quilt is Fab :)

  2. your fabrics looks great, I´m looking forward to see what you´ll sew in the class ☺
    wish you a nice weekend!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. я думал , что это витраж


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