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Tips and Men, Part 3

Tips and Men, part 2

Stage 1:  select pattern/size of quilt See This Post  Gosh, you all are so helpful!  I got 

loads of fantastic ideas and by far, pattern #1 was "the" one!  NPI

Stage 2:  Fabric Selection See This Post

Indigo Junction won!

Thanks for your help!

Stage 3:  Choose batting – We chose Fairfield 80/20 cotton/poly batting, low loft 

because it has only 3% shrinkage.  We also bought other necessities...
Guetterman thread and the backing fabric

The binding fabric - with a little red for a more patriotic feel

Stage 4:  I got to SEW
Please let me know what you think by leaving your much-appreciated comment!

10.25" squares

Five rows wide
Eight rows high

It's been sew much FUN sewing with YOU - I appreciate all your tips and advice!  

Tip:  Here's a fantastic youtube video from Jenny Doan showing the Disppearing Nine Patch that Deborah Mitchell from recommended making a quick, very nice-looking quilt from charm squares!

I appreciate your tips and advice greatly - thank you everyone!

Awesome blog about a lady quilter who followed her husband to the Oil Fields of North Dakota:

All the Best,


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tips and Men, Part 2

Tips and Men, part 2

Stage 1:  select pattern/size of quilt See This Post  Gosh, you all are so helpful!  I got 

loads of fantastic ideas and by far, pattern #1 was "the" one!  NPI

Stage 2:  Fabric Selection - Here's where we're at!

I had ordered Indigo Crossing from Moda from Green Fairy  Quilts a week ago (before this 

all began) because they sell jelly rolls – 

perfect for the selected “Rail Fence” pattern.  To this, I added an eggshell white Moda jelly 

roll and here are the results:

Here's the big question:  To go with this or to change it?  (Remember:  I'm in a hurry!  

It's -38 Fahrenheit here!)

Stage 3:  Choose batting – this my  cousin Bill is coming along to help select this very 

afternoon!! – here’s the big question:  poly, poly/cotton blend, wool, etc.  

Which batt would you choose?  

P.S.  I’ll be machine quilting at home.

Thanks in advance for your advice/tips – they are SEW appreciated!!

Tips and Men original Post HERE.

Awesome lady quilter Rock'n it in the Bakken Oil Fields of North Dakota!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Tips and Men

Tip Sheet!

Squares you can cut from a Fat Quarter (18”x22”) fabric rectangle

99 – 2”                      30-3.5”                     12-5”              
56 – 2.5”                    20-4”                         12-5.5”
42-3”                         16-4.5”                       9-6”                6-6.5”

Quilting for a Man!

Here's the story:  My cousin turned the big "50" and he has requested a 'homey, comfortable quilt to wrap himself in'.  Being 5'10", I'm thinking a full or queen-sized.  I've been perusing quilt mags all weekend and h ave settled on a couple..., but I've got to ask, what would you suggest?  Especially for a guy??  He doesn't mind flowery fabric and doesn't care for 'modern'.  He does work in the North Dakota oil fields and lives in a man camp, which isn't as 'scary' as it might sound.  They are hard-working men and women who are supporting their families, just like you and I.  Being there for months at a time can be challenging, so a homemade quilt from a loved one can really raise the spirits.  That's exactly why I'd like to make him something special.

A lady quilter in the Bakken!  Here's her website:

1.  Country Lane by Ann Baxter from Simple Quilts & Sewing, pg. 31, Winter #127
This is a rail fence sized 60"x75".  I think it'd be easy enough to add a row to make it slightly larger, but there is a handy kit with everything in it for top & binding for $65.95 plus $5.50 shipping from, but I was unsuccessful in locating it online.  Perhaps it will be updated after the holiday.

2.  Pretty, Simple by Mary Fons, quilty magazine, pg. 75, Jan./Feb. 2013, Issue #3
This is a beginner level quilt, which would make it FAST and I'd like that!  It has a nice border to play around with, but it's sized 64x72 (twin) and a larger quilt would be nicer for him.  I'm sure a person could figure this all out mathematically, but....I'm not that person :-(  I wish there had been size options included. 

3.  By the Sea by Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Co., Quilting Quickly magazine, pg. 19, Premiere Issue featuring free video tutorials for each project!  Check their website for their Daily Deals!
This is a cool chevron-inspired quilt made REALLY EASY with 10" square pre-cuts (two Layer Cakes).  This would 'fly' together in no time flat, but it's a bit on the modern-side.  The size is perfect - 86x98.5" - so no math to mess with!  A traditional fabric line would help make it more the recipient's taste, I believe.  There are quilt kits available for this project from

4.  Piece Out by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company, Quilting Quickly, Pg. 73
This is a rail fence with a 'square' twist!  

4.  Garden Path by Pat Sloan from Fons and Porter's Easy Quilts Spring 2013, pg. 39
Absolutely gorgeous, will take more time, but is traditional and comes in THREE sizes!  66x66 square, long twin 66x102, or queen 102x102.  I'm thinking Long Twin would be very nice.  Available at 

Ok - here's the deal - which one to make?  Will you please assist me in making this choice?  Which quilt would you choose and why - OR - do you have another suggestion for a man's quilt?  I appreciate your comments and suggestions VERY much!!  Thank you!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Golden Quilter Awards 2013 - nominations being accepted

It's that time of year!  The fourth annual SewCalGal "Golden Quilter Awards".  Nominations are currently being accepted for twelve different categories of awards.  Nominations will be accepted through Feb. 9, 2013.  Be sure to pop on over to SewCalGal's website to nominate your favorites and see the previous winners!

Generous Sponsors of the
2013 Golden Quilters Awards

The Fat Quarter ShopSew Fun Quilts, Kelly Jackson (I Have A Notion), CT Publishing, Aurifil, Bonnie K. Hunter (Quiltville), Udder Cream ,  Martingale and Fabrics N Quilts.

Sponsors have generously donated wonderful prizes.  And, those that volunteer to be part of the nominating committee will be entered to win prizes in the giveaway party, at the end of this event.  For a complete list of prizes, please read the main page for this event which you can find as a tab labeled "Golden Quilter Awards".

Best Wishes!


Congratulations to the Winner!

Winner chosen for my 1-14-12 blog hop post:

WINNER CHOSEN BY RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR - CONGRATULATIONS TO COMMENT #99 Judy JCnNC from Shade Tree Quilting  is the winner of one of her choice of the tea/coffee towel - Please let me know which day of the week you would like!
Judy JCnNC said:I am a follower already - and love your blog. Judy C
How sweet!  Thank you all for your kind comments - I have tried to answer all your e-mails directly. The "In Your Words" blog hop is still ongoing.  Please check out today's entries for more give-aways and fun:

Today's blogs on the hop are:

Tuesday, January 15

 All the Best, Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts

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What a way to start the New Year off with a BANG!

What a way to start the New Year off with a BANG!  Linda at Buzzing and Bumbling is cheerleading for Madame Samm at!!  I love both these ladies and am thrilled to participate in their "In Your Words" blog hop.  My theme is "Machine Embroidery" ...something new for you?  If you are interested or if you've never before thought this was a viable option due to expense, then, this is the post for you!
WINNER CHOSEN BY RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR - CONGRATULATIONS TO COMMENT #99 Judy JCnNC from Shade Tree Quilting  is the winner of one of her choice of the tea/coffee towel - Please let me know which day of the week you would like!
Judy JCnNC said:I am a follower already - and love your blog. Judy C
How sweet!  Thank you all for your kind comments - I have tried to answer all your e-mails directly.  All the Best, Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts

The 'broken photos' have now been fixed!!    
Madame Samm has all photos from each day placed on a Pinterest board HERE
When Linda of Buzzing and Bumbling approached me for this blog hop, she said she would like to feature embroidered words on useful household items.  I was right in the middle of a set of tea towels, so without hesitation, I signed up for the blog hop!  I hope you'll enjoy my entry...

What could be more inviting than a set of embroidered towels for your kitchen (or a friend's!)?

These did not take long to do.  I could embroider one towel in about 25 minutes.

How, you may ask?

With an embroidery machine!

If the costs have scared you away in the past, please read on...things have changed!

Brother has just come out with a 'get your feet wet' embroidery + sewing machine for around $399.  It features a 4" x 4" sewing field, which is great for many projects.  It comes with seventy built-in designs that are really easy to stitch out, plus more designs to choose from at or a limited edition Simplicity line embroidery machine for around $300  (Please consider purchasing from your local quilt shop so that you will have someone nearby for lessons, supplies and for warranty work.)

Both machines would be perfect for monogramming, enhancing 5x5-8x8 quilt squares, and sew much more...please feast your eyes on the following projects from

You can use designs for quilting a quilt sandwich (limited to your hoop size), making jewelry, lace, Christmas tree ornaments, decorating purses, backpacks, jeans, shirts, making logos, personalizing your work, creating quilt name tags, appliques, in-the-hoop projects that sew themselves, etc.!

Giveaway instructions below...

My most recent project is a set of seven dish towels for my sister-in-law who just moved in to a new house. I'd like to show you how I get a project started:

1.  Collect necessary items

Embroidery scissors
Embroidery and bobbin threads
size 80 needle (new is best)
Madeira bobbinfil in white (make up three to four bobbins for the seven towels)
Madeira Rayon embroidery threads (the colors do not wash or bleach out)
Stabilizer:  wash-away, tear-away  (See Nancy Zieman's book for assistance with stabilizers for embroidery.)  Cut all seven at once to save time.
seven flour sack cloth dish towels (bought at the local Dollar Store for only $1 each!)
Days of the Week dish towel designs from  in the size that fits your hoop capabilities
laptop or desk computer with flashdrive and internet connection

All embroidery machines can handle this size :-)

2.  Hoop stabilizer and dish towel

Wash-away, tear-away stabilizer on bottom, flour sack tea towel on top
with three inches left at the bottom of the hoop for each of the seven towels

3.  Transfer design from to flash drive on your computer, then enter into sewing/embroidery machine

flash drive inserted into the USB port of sewing/embroidery machine

Select appropriate design according to your machine's instructional manual

4.  Turn the design in the sewing machine before stitching out so that it stitches out in the correct direction.

utilizing my instructional manual, I turn the design to match how my towel is hooped.

5.  Stitch out the design - the machine does all the work!  My granddaughter loves to do this part :-)

The Pfaff creative performance being used here has pop up display windows showing
which color to switch to and when.  Some displays are in black & white only, but still let you know what color changes to make according to the number listed on the spool and thread number charts available from thread companies.

6.  Snip jump threads, unhoop, tear away stabilizer from the back and launder.

7.  Iron, fold and wrap to present to your lucky recipient!

A magazine that I subscribe to that has loads of helpful tips and information is Creative Machine Embroidery.  They also have a free blog! And for my blogging friends and followers, a free, online PDF file entitled "Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid".

Hopefully machine embroidery is something you might try - please let me know with your comment!  What questions do you have for me?  I'd love to help!

GIVEAWAY!!!  Thank you for sticking with my long blog post - as a reward, I would like to offer one embroidered tea towel in the day of the week of your choice.  If you love coffee as much as my sister-in-law and I do, you'll want to win one of these!!  

Five chances to WIN!

1.  Please leave a comment here on this blog stating which type of coffee or espresso you enjoy most.
2.  Please visit or and tell me what embroidery design(s) you enjoyed most.
3.  Let us know what project you'd enjoy making with an embroidery machine.
4.  Leave a question about machine embroidery OR let us know what embroidery machine you own.
5.  "Follow" me here at Rock n Quilts or let me know if you are a current follower.  Thank you!

(Open to international addresses.  Must leave your working e-mail address if you are a no-reply blogger, or a new winner will be chosen.  One winner will be chosen at random and notified on Tuesday, January 15th, 2013.)

Please visit all the bloggers participating in the hop today - thank you!

Monday, January 14
Clothes and Crafts (Maria K.)
Simple Sew (Shirley T.)
Woolie Mammoth (Anna B.)
RocknQuilts (Mary Ann)
Quiltsmiles (Jane E.)

For a complete list, click HERE.


P.S.  Wouldn't these be cute?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

FUN!!! One Weekend Quilt! Jelly Roll Race

Are you ready for some serious FUN?!?!?  You can make this Jelly Roll Race Quilt made in one weekend!

I used American Jane fabrics

and quilted with various stitches using my Pfaff creative performance

I was really having FUN!!!

To begin:

Take one jelly roll (40 strips of 2.5" fabric - twenty different fabrics makes one 64x47" quilt without borders.)
To finish, please watch this free video:

Enjoy watching and I hope you'll put together your first jelly roll race quilt top this coming weekend - it feels great to finish completely in just one weekend!!!
Poor Lucy might not finish hers in one weekend - just sayin'!

Have MORE fun today - check THIS out:  

All the Best,



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