Geta's Quilting Studio FMQ tips - quilting over paper

Karen McTavish Books to purchase:

YLI Variegated Thread with 90/14

Fantastic FMQ feathers!

FMQ feathers painted - art quilts

100% quilting cotton, 80/20 poly blend batting, 30 w Sulky in top needle, 90/14 sharp, 60 w Presencia in bobbin, Brother Innovis 4000D,  tension 4.0, feed dogs down, quilting foot O, stitch 1-31 middle piecing, free motion setting.

Quilt Expression 4.0 free motion quilting issues discussed here:

Heavy quilt hard to FMQ?  Think vertical!  From Leah Day:

Annie Smith, designer for Aurifil discusses thread weights and choices:
9.What is your favorite weight of Aurifil thread?  What are you ‘go to’ thread colors?
28 weight and then 50 weight. I use the 28 weight exclusively for my machine applique stitching and free-motion embroidery and then I use the 50 weight for piecing blocks, quilt tops and backs and machine quilting.
The 28 weight is absolutely lustrous and makes my machine applique “stand up” and become almost three-dimensional.
The 50 weight is the BEST for piecing. To give you an example, I kept track of how far one large spool of 50 weight #2310 neutral would go: FIVE pieced quilt TOPS and their BACKS before I ran out of thread. That is astronomical!
My “go to” colors? Magenta, Orange, Green, Turquoise and Purple with a touch of yellow, on Black. Anything you put on Black becomes electric.
And the colors/numbers are:
Orange: 2150, 2215
Green: 1231, 1114, 5018
Yellow: 2130
Turquoise: 5005, 2810, 1125
Magenta: 4020, 2588
Purple: 2520, 1243, 2545

Two DVDs from

1.  Machine Quilting for Beginners
2.  Twirly Whirly Feathers
I can't wait to receive them and get started with short-arm quilting when my New Generation quilt frame arrives!

The FMQ Challenge has been a perfect way to begin and I want to keep challenging myself.

Here are two more gals who've made FMQ instructional DVD's.   I've also found some that offer free youtube videos on FMQ, too...

Nicole Webb DVD's  are available on her site at  She also has e-books. There are some preview videos on the website, and she has quite a few videos on youtube.  Here's a link to one of them:  At the top there's a section that says 11 videos.  If you click on the arrows next to that, it will list all her videos.  That will give you a good sample of her DVD's.

Patsy Thompson's website is
You can order her videos, and if you click on "education" at the top, it will show you free preview videos and you 

can download free instructional sheets.

The Golden Threads website is FULL of WONDERFUL ideas for all quilters - hand, machine, short-mid-long armers, etc.  WOW!!!

Here's beautiful examples of what great quilting can look like:

This video directs you through the 'thought process' of FMQ designs:

and here's one on how to free form roses on your quilt:

Ebony Love recommends:

Mary Ann's 14 Day Free Motion Challenge Results Apr 22nd - May 5th, 2011

Thread Talk
Thread Talk

Sharon Schamber's free Youtube video on Mother Earth stipples:

Fabulous blog with how-to's on using quilt frames and longarming:

Harriet's Treadle Arts

Link to national and international quilting teachers:;siteid=dianegaudynski

Free motion tutorial with online video:

Patsy Thompson - LOVE this!!

I'm in love with designer Kay Mackenzie's appliques on CDrom
"Inspired by Tradition" is a must buy!!

Karen McTavish

Leah Day

Sharon's Chamber

That man Quilts? blog

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