Nancy Zieman wonders

Sewing with Circles by Nancy Zieman
This technique shows you how to create a traditional orange peel quilt utilizing a non-traditional method.

New spin on the Florida Tote:  The Florida "Gem"

50 Sewing Tips from Nancy

In January 2012, Nancy Zieman's blog featured e-Tablet and paper tablet covers in three sizes:
January 3            Nancy Zieman         
January 4            Amy Ellis                  
January 5            Sharon Pernes          
January 6            Vicki Christensen    
January 9            Joan Hawley             
January 10            Pat Sloan                 
January 11            Eileen Roche           
January 12            Liz Hicks                 
January 13            Fran Ortmeyer       
January 16            Ilene Miller             
January 17            Julie Herman         
January 18            Jenny Gabriel        
January 19            Natalia Bonner      
January 20            Frieda Anderson   
January 23            Cindy Cloward       
January 24            Beckie Hansen         
January 25            Amy Webb               
January 26            Allie Robertson      
January 27            Mary Mulari             
January 30            Laura Wasilowski  
January 31            Carol Porter              


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