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Friday Night Sew-In Results for RocknQuilts/Eleanor Burns QAYG Tech. post 4

Friday Night Sew-In Results
April 15, 2011
Find all the participants here.

This afternoon and evening, I worked more on my DD's graduation quilt using Eleanor Burns' techniques for Quilt As You Go.

This is my fourth post.
Here are other posts on this technique:

I left off last time by putting rows one and two together with on to adding row three...

This is the wrong way around...the long piece of sashing running horizontally must be the other way!

After turning it around, I pinned the ends of both of the vertical sashings so I would know where to pin the two pieces together so that they would match up...
turn the third piece over, match vertical sashings with pre-pinned markings and pin all along the horizontal sashing, matching the vertical sashings first, then carefully pinning the length of the entire piece.

Here I am at my Baby Lock Quest Plus...
the extra batting is laying to the left
you should always avoid sewing through two layers of batting
my quilting teacher Verna advises, because it might break a needle
(please let me know if you've used a heavier needle with successful double-batting 
or what you've experienced when using double battings)

Checking to see if it matched up:

After sewing the fourth and final row of batting to the quilt, turn over and begin trimming - 
carefully avoiding the quilt top underneath.  A good 8" pair of scissors that are nice and sharp are in order.

It's 'fun' to see what I have thus far...
those separate pieces of binding are going to be attached now...

(the alternative method is to sew them together - please see post 3 for details)

Use a synthetic setting on your iron, cotton setting is too hot:

After trimming the back so that your batting lays side by side nice and flat, cut a piece of "heatpressbattingtogether", laying the rough side down and smooth your iron across it gently:

Here's how it looks after it's all in place across the batting:

Now it's time for the first of two all the strips right sides together to form one very long length from which to cut your four pieces of border, two sides (measured from the center) and a top and bottom strip (measured from the center of the four rows across).

Checking the center length of the quilt top, I measure 61" - this will be the length for my side borders.

Here's my fabric choice for the larger 6" outside border:

That's as far as I got...

because we had to dig out - yes, on April 15th - from a snow storm!

Rather amazing, isn't it for this time of year?
I'm so glad we're not flooding here.
I feel badly for those in the Fargo, Jamestown, Devil's Lake, I-29 areas...they're really getting hit by flooding and after the heavy, wet snow that fell, it's going to get even worse.  Prayers are being sent up for them!

I hope you had a successful Friday Night Sew-In!


Have you seen this amazing resource before?  


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  1. Thisw tutorial is very interesting...I'm not working with you right now,but I do intend to re read everything later on and give this a try....very nice job ty

  2. I have wanted to try that binding strip stuff, now that I see how well it works I am going to get some! Looking good!

  3. With all that snow outside no wonder you stayed inside and did some sewing! :) Nice work!

  4. Loved seeing this, just wondering why we shouldn't sew through 2 layers of binding? Did you mean doubling one over? I am making a quilt for Japan and purposely layering it with 2 layers of binding for extra warmth. Will I mess it up?
    Love the strips!

  5. Dear Quilting Ranny,

    Extra warmth sounds really nice and I don't think it would 'mess' anything up unless the thickness caused a needle to break...I wonder if there's a heavy-duty needle you could switch over to for the one you might use with denim? Have you tried sewing the two battings together already with success? Perhaps hand sewing would be a good idea? If so, what kind of needle adjustments, etc. did you make for success? Thank you for sharing! Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts

  6. I love the border fabric! It will really set the blocks off!

  7. Oh my goodness..snow...ugh.

    I didn't realize that Eleanor Burns had a Quilt as you go method..

    Your quilt looks great.

  8. WOW Love all your projects and the graduation quilt is made in fabulous colours.

  9. A quick google search of Eleanor Burns Quilt As You Go Technique resulted in:

    nativetexan wrote:
    I watched Quilt in a Day this morning and she showed how to 'turn' a quilt and tie it and then she machine stitched along the border.
    then she showed how to machine her own quilt. this one was quilt as you go but she only quilted blocks on batting, the backing wasn't added until she was to put the border on.
    I've always thought if i did a quilt in sections, i'd have to add backing fabric in sections too. Hmmmmm.

    You can watch a lot of her programs for free at

    Bernice H.
    Custom Quilter

    and there's also this:

    I hope this has been helpful.

    Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts

  10. Love all the colors in this quilt! One of these days I will try a QAYG method.

  11. Wow another FNSI member with a snow-in included! I love the yellow with the small dots. A beautiful color!


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