Wednesday, May 23, 2012

20 fantastic, fun tips for things to do while re-cooperating from surgery!

Here's twenty suggestions for what to do from your recovery bed from my sister-in-law Lynn - these are from the fun Hallmark card she sent me - Yes, she cared enough to send the very best!!!  :-)  I'm getting a little silly now that I've been home bound for six days...please forgive me!

The card reads:

Rx  Doctor's Orders:  20 Fun Things to do while you're Recovering from your Operation
Signed:  Dr. Rusty Scalpel (Oh, my!)

1.  Pick a foreign accent and talk in it all day.  (My sis-in-law suggests Chinese to me - I speak English and German!)
2.  Make a Halloween costume out of your bedsheets.  (Hey, you got a sewing machine!, she says)
3.  Answer an ad on how to make BIG money at home.  (Perfect!)
4.  Learn the Morse code.  (My DH was in the military, so I guess he could teach me!)
5. Build a fort out of tissues and toilet paper rolls.  (My 10-year-old DS would love this!)
6.  Practice to become the World's Fastest Remote Control User.  (I can learn this from my DH, too!)
7.  Name the 50 states; now try their capitals.  (My sis-in-law writes:  No problem - you're a teacher!  My DH and I tried it and I couldn't remember the capital of Rhode Island - embarassing!)
8.  Become a ventriloquist.  (Now there's a challenge - can you imagine what the students in my classroom would do if I could throw my voice and pretend to the principal in the hallway?!?  It could make it worth all the work!  LOL)
9.  Make a macaroni sculpture.
10.  Sell your macaroni sculpture on eBay.  (This would be more impressive if it were cooked first!  Do you remember that someone sold a really long McDonald's frozen french fry on eBay for quite a sum?)
11.  Teach yourself to levitate.  (I really hope I'm not in bed THAT long!)
12.  Say the alphabet backward.  (I got four letters and then had to give up - can YOU do this?!?)
13.  Practice exotic bird calls.  (Now that would take some time...)
14.  See how long you can go without blinking.  (I could challenge my friends and family, too!)
15.  Gargle "The Star-Spangled Banner" (then my sis-in-law suggests going on America's Got Talent!)
16.  Plan how you'd spend the money if you won the lottery.  (My sis-in-law wants to let me know when I win!)
17.  Make puppets out of empty pill bottles.  (This could work for me, I'm crafty!)
18.  Call a talk show and say you're a space alien.  See if anyone notices.  (My sis-in-law writes "Don't mention you're related to us! - which is exactly the first thing I'd do!)
19.  Draw happy faces on your toes.  (Now there's a happy thought, but I'd have to get someone to do it for me 'cause I can't bend over!!)
20.  Concentrate on feeling better soon - now there's one I'm working on!  :-)  Thanks, Lynn!


  1. ROFLOL! You could go enter all the giveaways on Sew Mama Sew ;) Get better soon!

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