Monday, August 1, 2011

Toot-torial Tuesday at RocknQuilts #8; Aug. 2-5, 2011; Fast 16" Serger Pillow Cover!

It's here!!!  The first day of the Wantobe A Quilter Campaign at StashManicure.  Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday beginning today for the next three months, if you register and already registered with me, YOU can go to StashManicure, leave a comment mentioning my name (Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts) and leaving your e-mail address to be eligible to WIN fabulous prizes from 52 different companies!!!  

And now....Welcome to Toot-torial Tuesdays at RocknQuilts

The holidays are just around the corner, and we're getting ready around here...we're also curious to know what kind of projects you'll be creating!

Perk up those couch pillows with a double-sided FAST 16" serger pillow covering!  

These quickies are great for your couch because you can select two separate fabrics, just untie the ribbons, slip the cover off, turn inside-out and ta-dah!  you have a 'brand new' pillow!

What a great way to make gifts - FAST!

Here's some double-sided fabric choices:

(1/2 yard each)

fall foliage/snowmen


Easter/May Day baskets

spring flowers/Fourth of July picnic

beach theme/back-to-school


You'll need four pieces of 18" length ribbons.  Select a ribbon color that will be a good choice for both sides, i.e.:  silver, gold, black, gray or a neutral.


Step 1)
Place each half yard cut lengthwise, right sides together.

Step 2)
Place two 18" ribbons on one end in the center and tack down with needle and thread.  Be sure this is placed directly on the edge of the fabric, so that it will stick out.

Step 3)
Mark a 45 degree angle on each side of the center where you've placed your ribbon and create a point.  Serge along each side of the point (the extra material will be cut away as you serge, so if you're using a sewing machine, you'll want to cut away the extra fabric after you sew your seams.) Flip material over so wrong sides are facing together.

Step 4)
After you flip material over and the right side is facing toward you, turn the point down to the center, like sew:

Now mark the center and tack down two more 18" ribbons where the point of the "envelope" meets the middle.  (Watch that you don't serge over the ribbons.)

Step 5)
Serge straight across (or sew across) the end of the pillow case that is the opposite of the point.

Step 6)
Fold the straight edge you just sewed up and the "pointed envelope" down over it, then serge (or sew) across each remaining open side.

(Tuck the pointed enveloped inside so that you have what looks like a perfect square and serge - or sew- across the open sides.)

Step 7)
Turn the pillow case to the side you want to show, slip in the 16" pillow form, tie the ribbons and enjoy!

Much better!
Only twenty minutes and sew easy to cut!!
Please link up to our Toot-torial Tuesday - we'd love to see what you've created this week :-)

PS  If you registered for the Wantobe A Quilter Campaign, 
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every Mon., Wed. and Friday from August 1st - Oct. 1st 
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