Friday, August 12, 2011

Wantobe Quilters can WIN TODAY!!! You just have to leave a comment!!!

A note for my dear Want to be Quilters:
On Wednesday this past week, only one - just ONE of my sponsored Want to be Quilters- left a comment to WIN at Stash Manicure....folks, if you're going to win, you've got to leave a comment to WIN
once every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the best possible chance!

Just Copy & Paste this:

(Your own name) is being sponsored by Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts

and I'd LOVE
 to  WIN these great prizes!

( Blog sponsors please share with your Wantobes to come and comment,
don't wait for other prizes, comment on all of them...
JUST want to leave lots of comments...
repeat that with me..)

fat quarter bundle. 

Clover  has also sponsored this 24 x36 mat ( this is a triple layer self healing map)
and the best part is you can hang it on a hook...see that thingumabob  at the end..
very nice feature.......a very good size for any new quilter and a rotary cutter and extra blade too.

Creative Grid also sponsored their top 3 best selling rulers...
( check all the links on our side bar of all the sponsors giveaways) 


  1. the problem is, I understand that it is only for want-to-be quilters, not someone who has already quilted. So I don't enter any of them, I have stopped reading them because it seems to just be fore those who have never quilted. They can check on me on my blog and see for themselves that I have quilted, many times, so I just am ignoring the Madam Samm's site now.

  2. There are both chances for Wantobes (Mon, Wed, Fri) and for current quilters (Tues, Thurs) at


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