Monday, April 25, 2011

1931 Singer works like a charm!

Just got my beauty back from J and R Vacuum and Sewing
where it received a new electrical cord, was cleaned, oiled and is now up and running!

(Here's the link I posted including information where I found it and how I found out it's a Singer 99 made in Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1931:

Check out that bobbin box - it just slides directly over to the left

Here's a few photos to help remind me how to put in the bobbin correctly, as from the store.

Here's how the needle was threaded from J and R.

Here's the practice piece the gentleman who cleaned it made for me.  They charged $67.48  - now, if I were brave about electrics like "That Man Quilts" from , then it would have been just the $18 for the new electrical cord!  I was sew impressed when I saw his electrical work from this post on his blog:

"Bringing Old Girl Up to Par" was certainly a catchy title, quiltfool!!

The needle threads from left to right.

I whipped up a quick coffee coaster for my husband!
Love these even stitches and it coasts through two layers of fabric and a layer of batting like butter!
I'm really pleased.  So's my DH - he says it'll run forever.  That's good value for a grand total of $118 USD!

The results from my fourth day (14 total) of the Free Motion Quilting Challenge:

Happy Sewing!  I sew love your comments - they make me smile :-)
Have a fab-u-lous day!!


  1. Wow! Bet you are as happy as a kid in the candy store :) Have fun playing with your new toy!

  2. Lucky you, what an awesome machine....drooling over here!!

  3. I have a machine that looks like yours...haven't had it out for a while. I bought it at a yard sale many years ago for $55 and then had it serviced : ) I love the look of the antique sewing machine. I will have to see if I can find out how old mine is. Thanks for sharing about yours!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Just getting caught up reading blogs. I've pieced a whole quilt on that old Scarbrough machine and still don't know if it's threaded right. But, it makes a perfect stitch, so I'm just enjoying how quiet it is. Lane


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