Saturday, April 9, 2011

Civil War Chronicles April BOM - sorry I'm a week late!

The April BOM for Civil War Chronicles 
includes many HST
Having heard about but never experimented myself
with HST paper or the Triangulations CD rom,
I decided they were good investments,
so this month, I plan to post about them here.

My apologies for being one week late.  I've been
making up for lost time with my daughter's 
graduation quilt.  I seem to have 'lost' a follower
and I hope that wasn't the reason :-(

Fabric 1 is black with ivory swirls and flowers
Fabric 2 is lavendar with purple vines and flowers

and Fabric 3 is purple, lilac, gold and black
(this one is my favorite this time - 
which one is yours?)

Here's the 2" finished Triangle Paper to try

I couldn't believe my luck when we came home from Cracker Barrel where we'd been for a Saturday lunch with family!  The postman had come and left me a wonderful surprise :-)
Isn't this a "cheery" cherry bag and wallet?!
It brightened my day :-)

I purchased this great bag & wallet for under $25.00 USD on from "fabriq"
Here's another cute version for only $14.50!

Thank you for following my blog.
Please let me know via e-mail at
if you have any questions.  I try my best to respond to everyone!

Thank you again  :-)


  1. Good luck using your paper. I used the triangulations and made all 96 HST's in an hour.

  2. Good luck with your new project! I just love that second bag,green is my favorite color, this bag just pops!

  3. mary Ann i love the bag and wallet,beautiful

  4. Love the fabric choices for the quilt. Not only are the purple colours wonderful for a Civil War sample but purple is one of the Suffrage Movement colours too.(as well as a second period of Mourning)
    The bag is yummy.
    Thank you for stopping by and the words of encouragement.

  5. I really like using the Triangulations method for making hsts. I'm looking forward to seeing how you like it.


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