Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free Motion Quilting Techniques Day 7 - half way point!

I slowed down considerably today and experienced more success.

The back of my project, however, using the Prescenia 60/3 again in top & bottom, presented some tension issues in places.  Still not exactly sure why?  I used warm & natural batting and began in the center of the project, which provided more stability.

I like combining Harriet Hargrave's suggested patterns from her book "Heirloom Machine Quilting".
I plan on watch the free youtube video from Sharon Schamber.  Thanks to Joan from Australia and her post at the FMQ Challenge website here:
(You will see the Joan does really beautiful work!)

Where do you obtain your pantograms or quilting patterns?

Do you prefer to machine quilt, send out to a long-armer, mid-arm it yourself on a frame or quilt by hand?


  1. Oh your posts are so interesting....I prefer hand quilting myself; because that is what I have always done....I am comfortable with it. But since blogging; my head is a spinning!! lol.
    I am dabbling in FMQ love times; hate it... but I want to learn so much more.....

  2. I have a few books with quilting motifs in them and will also search out motifs on the web. One other good source is applique patterns because they're two dimensional and linear. For example, I used an applique pattern of some morning glories as a quilting template and it came out great. But, you might have lots of starts and stops. I have two bobbin cases. One for piecing and another for quilting. I find that my piecing tension is too tight for quilting and I get top thread popping down to the back. Looser bobbin tension seems to solve that on my Bernina. Keep going. You're halfway there. Lane

  3. Thank you everyone for your interesting and helpful comments - I really appreciate your taking the time to stop by and "chat"! It makes my day :-) Tomorrow afternoon I am attending an embroidery seminar and will be sure to post about it right here on RocknQuilts for you!


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