Thursday, April 21, 2011


Have you seen the new Multiples from!?

2 1/2" Square Multiple

2" finished Half Square Triangles Multiple
-I've been using my smaller HST die to cut out four triangles at a time for the Civil War Chronicles BOM and can't wait to use this new die to save on fabric and cut them out even faster!  
I'll definitely blog about using this so you can see how it works, too.

I'm going to try both of those out - how about you?

I believe they will provide the accuracy I love, but will also save fabric
the new multiples will have very little waste and I LOVE that idea!

Now, check this out:

Quarter Square 4" finished Triangle by Alex Anderson 
This one's great for Hour Glass, Broken Dishes, Bow Tie, but look at Alex Anderson's quilt he designed using this quarter square:

I'm 'in lust' with this gorgeous quilt and its color schemes!
Do you like it?

There's also a new 4 1/2" square multiple, too:

Which one of these would you use most?

What do you think about using the 2 1/2" squares with a jelly roll?  
There would be a lot of nice quilt top possibilities with those together.

The strip dies can also be used to cut triangles and different shapes.  
Lee Nakamoto demonstrates that here:
Lee's sure got a great sense of humor!

After over-stretching the large thumb muscle in my right hand last fall, I really count on my AccuQuilt cutter so I can continue to quilt pain-free.  Saving my hands during the cutting process helps me do a better job of piecing and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that!


Did you submit a quilt block for the Barn Quilt Design Contest?
(I didn't, but I will next year!)

Are you going to attend?  I wish you luck, SewCalGal!
Guess who I voted for?!??  ;-)


  1. That is really nice! It would make cutting out squares and triangles go pretty fast. I'm anxious to see the quilt you will make!

  2. This color combination of a quilt is really fascinating to me.I really love it.Good work and thanks sharing it here.Happy Easter.
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    improve my works too.Have a wonderful day.

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