Monday, May 2, 2011

FMQ Challenge Day 11 of 14 and GIVE AWAY info!

The FMQ Challenge is also The Batting Challenge for me beginning today!

Yesterday I worked with Mountain Mist 100% Natural Cotton Batting (Left)
100% Cotton - no resin
quilt 1/4" - 1" apart.  Comes in 81" x 108"
(Do not pre-wash this batting)

Today I worked with Mountain Mist Blue Ribbon (Right)
100% Cotton Batting
Quilt 1 1/2" to 2" apart
Comes in 45" x 60", 72" x 90" & 90" x 108"
(Do not pre-wash this batting)

Here is my side-by-side comparison for you to see:

I have noted that the Blue Ribbon (right) lays flatter than the 100% Cotton without resin batting.  Blue Ribbon is recommended for an antique look.  It will shrink considerably after washing.  A queen may not be a queen afterwards, so if using this batting that is not pre-washable, then be sure to size your quilt top and back a few inches larger.  1/8" to 1/4" loft.  This would be a terrific choice for a traditionally pieced quilt!  

The 100% Natural Cotton batting without resin from Mountain Mist (left) offers a light loft of 1/4" and will provide a tradition, puckered look, too, after washing.  This needs heavier quilting than the Blue Ribbon.

Neither batting is recommended for tied quilts.

Nicely detailed explanations of when to use which particular batting from Mountain Mist:

...and here's where my FMQ Challenge and my set of sixteen batts from Harriet Hargrave are stored:

Great future reference when making that all-important decision for a quilt!

What's happening today at

My guest blogger for the beginning of May is Linda from has donated three of her precious patterns for a give-away to be held here at RocknQuilts on Monday, May 16th!  

I've been looking over her patterns and have noticed that they will work nicely with your 
AccuQuilt system...

PLUS Linda features tutorials on her website to help you with freezer paper applique techniques, dying fabrics for faces and hands, and other very helpful information to get you started with her beautiful quilts!

And...if you have scraps - the children's clothing and hair would be perfect to use for those!!  These patterns are also sew fun because they utilize ribbons, embroidery floss and paints, too!

1.  Jesus Loves the Little Children

...great with your
1 1/2" AccuQuilt strip cutter  
2 1/2" AccuQuilt strip cutter
3" AccuQuilt strip cutter die

2.  Little Cowboy/Cowgirl

great with your...
AccuQuilt 2" strip die
AccuQuilt 3" strip die
AccuQuilt 4.5" strip die
AccuQuilt 6" strip die
3.  Little General

perfect with your...
AccuQuilt 2" strip die
AccuQuilt 4.5" strip die
You will have five chances to WIN!

Please connect to the original post from 2 May 11 for the drawing HERE:

Winners will be announced here  on 
Monday, May 16th!

Good luck and happy blog hopping!

The Shop Hopper by Linda Winters
Please connect to the original post from 2 May 11 for the drawing HERE:

Good Luck!

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  1. Never looked at batting quite that way or in depth so this was very eye opening and helpful!

    Thank you so much!


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