Thursday, May 5, 2011

FMQ Day 14 of 14

Today is the last day of the free motion challenge for me...

Finally, I felt ready to quilt on a baby quilt!
This is my largest project to date.
My FMQ experience
16 days total:
2 in Nov. 2010
14 days
April 22nd - May 5th, 2011

Baby quilt made from six blocks found in a thrift store from 1930's original fabrics.
warm & natural batting
flannel back
90/14 metallic needle
100% polyester Guetterman thread in top and bobbin
tension 4
Baby Lock Quest Plus

Detail of the back of the quilt.

Machine embroidery, FMQ, and tie

Sentiments for little ones
Machine embroidery, Ellageo, Madeira embroidery thread

Machine embroidery and FMQ

Completely free motion - no markings

Thank you for the opportunity to FMQ with you!

Please click HERE


  1. What a wonderful thrift store find. One of the treasures in my quilt room is a box of 30's fabric scraps from a friend in Georgia. She has since passed away, so the scraps are even dearer to me.

  2. Great patterns, sure wish I could embroider like a machine does by hand...I find it very calming!

  3. Fab quilting... you are ready to ROCK and roll!

  4. Mary Ann; that quilting is beautiful...your hearts are so perfectly did a fantastic job on it; really. YOu should be very happy with your work.....congratulations girl!!

  5. Thank you everyone! FMQ was a lot of fun to do and I hope you'll try it!

  6. Wow! You rock girl :) Simply beautiful.

  7. You are doing wonderfully!!


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