Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Scratch that idea...a new idea came along!

I can honestly say that it's sure nice to have internet back.  The repairman from the cable company came out and replaced our router, so now we're in fine shape.  Anyhow...
I have a story to share :-)

I was at work at the quilt shop today at www.jrsewfun.com
decided to trade back in my Baby Lock Quest Plus and New Generation Frame/stitch regulator
what I had been falling in love with at the store!
The Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0!!!

Piecing on this is a dream - there's both 1/4" foot without a guide and with a guide
Free motion on this baby is a dream :-)
The darning foot that's included is round and completely clear

Sorry about the dark pics, it was late...
the 4.0 comes with a hard case

Here's my new baby - I'm SEW happy!

I love the clean lines, but the integrated dual feed is what makes it great
and keeps all the layers moving together smoothly.

The up/down is taken care of by the knee presser or by a touch of a button

This machine in combination with the Pfaff Fab-U-Motion works like a DREAM in a small space!!
Unfortunately, small space is what I have to work with.
But, that's OK!
This all fits right on top of my sewing cabinet,
behind the couch,
between the living room and dining room
and there's still room for a full-size ironing board!

Here's a really good, clear picture of the Fab-U-Motion table
which comes with a stitch regulator:

The table is on bearings, so rotates completely around!
This isn't a fabulous video, but will demonstrate the point (and it's quick!)

I tried out a real quick sample - really love the stitches (the ones on the inside and the VW Bugs!)
How cute are those cars???
It also has sailboats, turtles, elephants, etc.

Here's the Fab-U-Motion
It came with an instructional DVD and the stitch regulator is MADE IN THE USA!

I selected Stitch Width Safety and
Sensormatic free-motion

This clear free-motion/darning foot comes with the 4.0
The stitch regulator keeps everything smooth - even if I speed up or slow down
the speed is controlled with your hands, not your foot - I like that type of control

A British friend of mine always says, "The proof's in the pudding!"
and here it is:

The front

The back

It just amazes me that both front and back are the SAME!
After struggling with the tension during the 14 day quilt challenge, this is very nice to be able to do so quickly!

4.0 + Fab-U-Motion


  1. congratulations on your new "baby"!


  2. Congratulations!!! I seriously considered this machine when I made my purchase last year, I think you are going to love it.

  3. Oh, I want one! I guess I'll have to start saving up my pennies!


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