Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shop Hopper, flooding and new AccuQuilt dies

Memorial Day weekend, shops are closed, so my quilt 'shop hopping' was cut short, but at least I got to peek in the windows!  I'm sure there'll be a day this summer when I can go back and they'll be open.

Shop Hopper by Linda Winters at www.b-bumble.com


In our town, the river is flooding the worst it has flooded in 100 years, sew...what's a gal who's high and safe and dry on a hill to do?  Go to WalMart, buy water and snacks and hand them out to sand baggers, of course!  I would love to participate in the sand bagging, too, but physically am unable.  I will do what I can do best:  bake home-made goodies and make fleece blankets for the shelter sites!

Sand bagging site - it was raining :-(

These hungry, thirsty hard workers enjoyed their water and snacks!
God bless 'em!


I am in the creative process of making Linda Winter's "Shop Hopper" pattern, sew...
I stopped off at Hobby Lobby where they had light boxes for 30% off yesterday
and began to trace Linda's easy-to-follow templates

I auditioned fabrics and settled on these:

The two I like best are the dark pink fabrics with needles, thread and spools, plus the fuzzy flannel I chose for the rabbit.

This is Linda's version again:

I have a pair of my grandmother's costume jewelry earrings that will work perfectly for Shop Hopper's ear lobes and make her appear very lady-like :-)

My daughter assisted with cutting out the traced appliques - here's the sewing machine - sew adorable!

Linda has a complete tutorial on freezer paper piecing which I will study,
 plus I have a Better Homes and Gardens "Complete Guide to Quilting" book in my home library that has nicely detailed explanations and several options for paper piecing, too.

 Next, I have NEW PRODUCTS that just arrived from AccuQuilt!  Unfortunately, I do not yet have the 1 3/4" strip cutter (which is what Linda's Shop Hopper pattern calls for), but I will be adding that to my growing collection!  That's the great thing about AccuQuilt - they have SO many options!!

To make the strips easier to see, I take Lee Nakamoto's advice (he has youtube how-to videos on AccuQuilt products) and so, I will trace my dies with permanent marker as he did.

I use AccuQuilt because of the speed involved- you can cut up to six layers at a time!

 Each of the new die also come with free quilt patterns!  I clip and save all of these in a binder.
 If you've any questions, they have a toll free number to call... 1-888-258-7913
I appreciate the fact that no long distance charges would be involved!
Here's a good example of how I mark my dies:

I've already purchased the fabrics for this Alex Anderson die 4" finished triangular square

This says it all for me - and it's very true:

It'll be nice to save time and have this ready!

More free projects that come with the purchase of an AccuQuilt die:

I've marked my 4" fin. quarter square so it's ready to go when I begin cutting!

I'm going to get the 1 3/4" strip for "Shop Hopper" - the speed and accuracy AccuQuilt dies offer can't be beat, not to mention how it saves your hands and fingers!

I LOVE my AccuQuilt!!!

Do you have one?
What projects have you made?
Do you want to get one?
I appreciate all your comments very much
and promise to answer back.

Happy Sewing and Quilting!
Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts


  1. I love the one quilt you showed...and yes, I have a Go cutter and love it, but mostly use it for appliques and jelly rolls....

  2. Oh, I was surprised to see my little shop hopper when I came to your page! How exciting! I hope you show us when you finish! Thank you!


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