Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Great new stuff!!

Some people wait until they retire, but that's not my theory.  My theory is, while I'm working, I'm going to get the toys I'd like at the very best price, have it all set up and learn how to run it, so that when I hit retirement, I can really enjoy the hobby I love!

I enjoy sewing, piecing, quilting, design, fabric, machine embroidery, digitizing photographs into embroidery designs, scrapbooking, organizing, etc, .... where would the list end?  Good question!

I got a deal I could not afford to pass up -  a 50th anniversary special edition Brother embroidery 4000D loaded with Disney designs and the $1000 cabinet included free!

Goodness!  My sewing space is all enclosed and nice and neat now!  
My husband is very happy :-)

But, of course, we wanna know what's in there, right?!?

My DH surprised me yesterday with striped roses - just beautiful - but sorry, they're not in the cabinet!

My DS brought me an "easy" button because after working over three hours on this project after working yesterday evening, it was all done and ready to go!
This sits on top of the cabinet, but it's not what's inside....

Should I stop teasing now?  
(Yes, I'm having fun!)

OK, OK!  Here's what in the cabinet!

Notions and built-in storage on the right

Serger, cutting mat, rulers, embroidery and Brother items in top drawer,
Pfaff and quilting items in bottom drawer

Good morning!  Shall we sew?
I got a Passport (not the kind to travel overseas), but rather the kind that is an external hard-drive for my laptop, so I downloaded embroidery patterns to drive G: last night.

Here's a peek at my new (pre-owned) embroidery machine!

It has a stylus, takes embroidery cards and has both a USB port (for flash drive) and a direct link (with cord) from laptop to sewing machine.

I tried out a built-in design.

This is quite a large machine, so the embroidery unit needs to be removed before I can store the sewing machine inside.  There's a hydraulic lift, so a push is all it requires.  There's three positions:  above the cabinet (like here), at the cabinet (for quilting) and storage.

All set up for pretty tea towels!
I'll post about my embroidery next!

Happy sewing and quilting everyone!!
Mary Ann @ RocknQuilts


  1. Congratulations!

    I have to agree with you somewhat. We need to enjoy life now, who knows how healthy or wealthy we will be when we retire and at least we will have something to do. LOL!! That is the excuse I give myself when I purchase all these kits I don't start.

  2. You are correct about the "now waiting" thing... neither of my parents lived to retirement age so all the things they put off until later never happened.

    I'm not waiting til retirement or "later"... like you, I'm doing stuff now!

    Congrats on your beautiful new sewing cabinet!

  3. I agree with you and I wish that I had done it your way. Now that I'm retired I don't have the money to buy those special things any more. This way you will have everything you need when you retire. Congrats on the new purchase!!

  4. I envy you so muc right now....lol. Let me know how you make out...and where you find the time to learn on all of these machines...wonderful..congrats....

  5. Way cool Mary Ann! Love the new cabinet :) Happy sewing/crafting/embroidering!

  6. Congratulations, Mary Ann!!! I agree with everyone. You must have had a birthday or anniversary!

  7. That is great, Mary Ann. I know you will get hours of enjoyment out of all of your great purchases.

  8. You are so smart! I purchased fabric like a mad woman over the past 6 or so years (so much that my friends tell me I could open a store!) and I just said I was anticipating early retirement. And sure enough last summer it happened...and I have lots to play with...Congratulations on your new baby!

  9. Fabric is my next pursuit now that I know I have the tools to start :-) Thanks!!

  10. I'm in agreement with you on gathering what you can before your retire. Problem is that you'll see so much after! LOL It's hard to stay away from all the fabric goodies! Congrats on all your purchases.


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