Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm a WINNER!!!

Well, what a way to begin the work week!

I popped on over to this morning to check and I've WON my choice of five yards of Bella solids!!!

I wonder what color Bella solids I should choose?????  I do have Moda whites on hand already....but no others....what would you do?!?!?

Here's the link for choices...there must be forty of them!!!

Then I went to our blog comments and found those winners. Here is the big list of our Super Duper Giveaway in order of prizes and in order of the numbers shown above:
#800 - 5 Yards of Bella Solids. Your choice of colors! Winner: MaryAnn from Rocknquilts! Thank you for being a follower!!


  1. So happy for you Mary Ann....have fun choosing; I would have no idea...really!! Enjoy. Sorry I haven't been commenting just doesn't go through all of the time....and over the weekend I couldn't even get in to your blog...weird things going on lately...

  2. Glad to hear from you, Marjorie! I hope blogger issues will be completely resolved soon so you can post when you like!

  3. How exciting!Last week I won a package of strips from Kate Spain's new fabric line - from Kate Spain herself! They arrived Friday, but I'm not there to see them. My husband said they were there waiting for me. I didn't even ask him to open it up and look. He just wouldn't appreciate them like I will!
    Congratulations! Wow! 5 yards!!! That's a lot. The colors are beautiful!!!It would be hard to choose only a few!

  4. I chose 2.5 yards of black and 2.5 yards of natural (or brown), whichever she had. I already have lots of white. For a new quilter, I hope these are good choices!


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