Sunday, June 26, 2011

Unbelievable destruction during Minot Flood 2011 photos

Very moving Youtube slideshow with music : Photos of Flood 2011 in Minot, ND

Flickr Photos

Mighty Mouse (River) you may take my house
But you will never take the home from my heart
We Love our Home!!
God bless Minot
Someone rigged up flags across a bridge that's still above water

Take what you want
I got it all in my heart


  1. So incredibly sad... the first sign is so true... a house is a building, a home is the people who live and love together!

    Prayers going up for everyone in ND who is impacted either directly or indirectly...

  2. Thank you, Freda. FEMA has come through for two out of three of the affected counties. Morton County (Mandan, ND) has not been provided assistance - yet.

  3. Awe. =( So sorry for your loss...praying for those who are effected. It's a blessing in some way that you recognize where the value truly lies.


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