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Toot-torial Tuesday at RocknQuilts #3; 28-30 June, 2011

Are you ready for more creative fun on the third weekly Toot-torial Tuesday? I know I am!  Have you got a project you would like to share?  We welcome all creative projects from sewing, quilting, purse-making, cooking, baking, re-purposing, card making, scrapbooking to drawing, painting and photography - it's all about YOU and what you enjoy doing!  Please join the blog hop by clicking on the link below, copy & paste your direct link, give it a name, and that's all there is to it!  Your older tutorials are welcome, too, because they'll be 'new' to us!

Featured this week is a very quick serger tutorial (also applicable to sewing machine or hand-stitching) to make a pair of potholders for your kitchen or for your friends and relatives!  All you need are five 8" squares of fabric and one 7" square of Insulbrite to protect against burns from hot pots, casseroles or cookie sheets.  These are also great done in 3" squares and a 2" piece of felt in the center as wine glass holders!!  A third option would be to create one to use as a trivet to protect your table from hot pots.  This is a perfect way to use up small amounts of fabric, because you can choose to use one to five different types of fabric!

PS  Check out my Projects for Family page for more fun tutorials!

Here's the scoop on this potholder tute:

Five 8" squares

Fold four of the squares into triangles and press

Lay the triangles down across a square (piece five), which is facing right-side-up
Piece one will tuck under piece two and piece four will tuck under piece three.

Piece five is a square with right side facing up - triangles one through four will lay down upon this square

Lay triangle one down on top of the square with the raw edges on the outside and the folded edge lying crosswise across the square, then lay triangle two down with raw edges on the outside (as before) and 
tuck triangle one under triangle two 

Lay triangle 3 down the opposite of triangle one (raw edges out with center fold running down the center of the square)

It's easier to "see" how the triangles should lay across the bottom square with different fabrics.
Here above, you see triangles one through three

...then triangle four has been tucked under triangle three.

Serge or sew around the entire outside edge of the potholder (a 3" length of rick rack could be placed in one corner if you would like a handle), then turn right-side-out and insert the Insulbrite into the folds.  You can tack down the center if you wish or sew a decorative flat button in the center.

When five different fabrics are used, then it's easier to see how the triangles should lay down across the square on the bottom

You can tack down the center if you wish...

Four pink triangles over black & white fabric on the left
Four black and white triangles over pink fabric on the right

The options are endless!

Happy sewing :-)

Who will you be making these for?

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