Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quilter's Academy - Freshman Year

While participating in Harriet Hargrave's class in October 2010, I decided to follow her and her daughter Carrie's "Quilter's Academy" books, published by the ultimate in quilting books, C&T Publishing.  A fellow quilting blogger from Austrailia started in 2009.  Her beginning is here:

BLOCK HEAD: Quilter's Academy - Freshman Year

I created the first project just today and here is the end result:

After viewing  Lesley's " Austrailian quilt blogger's site, I can see that she has made remarkable improvement in her quilting over the past two years and this is my humble beginning for all to see.  I have hope of improvement!  Thanks also to Kirsten for her inspirational "Quilter's Academy" blog.  It will be wonderful to have two readily available resources as I delve into this project.

Here is my first project top and left over materials all bagged up and waiting for me to return to it in "Quilter's Academy" Vol. 2 Sophomore Year...isn't Ziploc handy?

The next project is Harriet's "Woodland Winter Quilt" on pg. 33 of "Quilter's Academy" Freshmen Year.
Harriet helps you figure out the math in this project.  It was nice to learn the "formula".
There will be 60 3x3" 1 1/2" strip blocks in blue, red and light
12 3x3" light blocks and
49 3x3 blue blocks

At first, you sew strip sets and cut them out, then cut out the solid blocks.  The completion of this project will be my first quilt top.  Again, I will lay aside this top for now and move on to Carrie's "Cowboy Corral" quilt on page 36.  I must admit that this quilt top really appeals to me and it will be fun to finish it and give it to someone in my family who will enjoy it.  I just love these fabrics!  It should be fun to fussy cut the horses for this quilt and give it a real "Old West" look.  (It's hard to tell, but the deep red has dark gold stars.)
There's an entire page dedicated to fussy cutting from panel prints on page 37.

I am going to refer back to 
for tips from her experiences sewing through the series.  I owe her a big thank you for  "breaking a trail" with this series of books.  This will be a thought process that I appreciate being able to learn.  It's not easy like following a pattern, but rather teaches you how to figure the math and do it for yourself.  That's the great American way!


  1. I love the fabrics you are using for the sampler. Don't store your ziploc too far away though as there are two more lessons in Freshman year that you'll complete along the way.

    I've also referred to Leslie's blog more than once working my way through the Freshman year.

    I look forward to seeing your projects as they grow.

  2. Thank you for your advice, Kirsten! I also asked Harriet via e-mail if it would be OK to utilize pictures from their "Quilter's Academy" series...she wrote back and responded yes! and that she's excited I am working my way through the series, as they have almost completed the Senior Year! How nice of Harriet to respond so quickly, considering how busy she and Carrie must be! I've been diligently reading your blog...thank you for the great detailed information...it's very helpful!


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