Saturday, February 12, 2011

Civil War BOM continues....

I am still piecing away, following my hand-drawn I had 32 brown/light HST's to do.  I wanted all the left hand dark brown pieces facing north, but didn't have enough, so I decided to use 16 north and 16 south...I figure, that's in keeping with the Civil War, so I'm actually quite happy with it.  When I am using the quilt and feel happy about the work that went into it, that's what counts!  (I won't be entering any shows - LOL!)

What better way to begin a sewing day than to start with a chocolate-covered strawberry?!?

All these HST's are going left and right - definitely not what I'm looking for, so I'll set these aside for possible later use.

 Little Gunnar is too close to the iron for comfort, so.....

 I adjusted my upstairs living room/dining room sewing area to make it safer.  It was a bit too dark last night for sewing, so my hubby is going to pick up a floor lamp for me to place on the right behind the couch and iron.  I'm sure that will make a huge improvement.  When Harriet sees the chair I'm using, she'll shake her head, "No!", but it'll have to do for a little while longer.... :-)  I need a decent rolling computer chair with lumbar support, but can't buy it all at once!

 Due to limited space in the dining room area, I picked up a behind the door full-sized ironing board am was pleased to see that my Omnigrid combination cutting board and ironing mat fits nicely!  There is no holder for the iron, however, so I think that's something to pick up yet.  
A thought:  "Are sewing rooms ever finished?"

  I was sewing along creating my 32 HST's and with only four to go, ran out of bobbin thread, so I stopped to make up four 60/3 Presencio cotton-filled bobbins and placed them in my recycled instant coffee container that is labeled "Civil War Chronicles Quilt 2011, size 11 needle, 60/3 Presencio cotton thread".  When I'm not sewing on this quilt, then I can put my needle away in here, too.  Of course, the cone of thread is too big, but fits nicely in the door of my Sauder sewing cabinet.  I have to tell you how happy I am with this $100 Sauder sewing cabinet.  It's not drop-down, but I'm working on that, too....but I have to save some surprises for future posts!

  OK, back to business.  Here I've pressed all 32 HST to set the seams (Harriet says this is a must!) and now am working on pressing them open with the seam towards to the darker fabric.

  I figured out if I have the lighter fabric on the bottom and finger-press the darker fabric upwards, then the seam comes out just right!

  After pressing, my AccuQuilt 2 1/2" HST's are complete!  Sixteen for the "North" and sixteen for the "South"!

Later on I'll begin to lay the blocks out and sew them up.  Wow!  I've completed more in the past two days than I ever dreamed I could.  An organized sewing area really helps :-)

Here's what's coming up next:

  There are four to create for Feb.


  1. I am still in awe of how you are doing your blocks. I gave up on the directional fabrics. I am just cutting and sewing and letting them fall where they fall.

    I get my blog background from here:
    Just follow the instructions, it is fairly easy. If you have any problems just let me know and I will try to help.

    You need to turn on your settings so when you send a comment the person can reply via email.

  2. Thank you so much, Yvette. I hope you approve of the shabby blog decos I chose. Unfortunately, I can't change the light colored letters in the title...? I wasn't quite sure how to "turn on settings so when you send a comment the person van reply via email." That's the next one to tackle...thanks again!


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