Thursday, February 10, 2011

Second Valentine's Day present...

One week ago, my husband told me to be sure to come right home after work on Thursday.  Naturally, I asked him why and you know what?  He wouldn't tell me!

I was home when the mail arrived and lo and behold, there was a tiny box from WalMart that arrived, so I got really excited....until I opened it and saw this (I ordered it last week because our WalMart doesn't carry it:)

Well, I got over it and started sewing along, creating the flying geese in my February Civil War Reproduction BOM and the door bell, as our whopping eight pound Dachshund Gunnar is barking his head off, my daughter Katie caught him as I opened the door to a huge box filled with a dozen long-stemmed roses and baby's breath!  WOW!  He says that tomorrow I will receive my SECOND present....hmmmm....what will it be?!?  He won't even give me one hint!  I'm so happy with him, though, that he is completely forgiven :-)  This has been a really nice surprise!

Please leave a comment to let me know what you think my husband got me for Valentine's Day that will be delivered tomorrow, Feb. 11, 2011.  I haven't a clue!  Can you help me guess?  If you leave a comment here and guess correctly, then I will be happy to send you a quilting book from my library of about 50+ books
 - my treat!  
Since the present arrives tomorrow, please leave me your guess before it arrives at 2 pm Central time.

On February 11th, UPS delivered chocolate covered strawberries!  No one left a comment to guess, so I'll have plenty of quilting books to share next time.  (By the way, is where he ordered this, guys!)  The berries were fresh and delicious!!  Thank you, dear husband XOXOXOX

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