Saturday, February 5, 2011

Civil War Chronicles Feb. BOM with special Accuquilt cutting instructions!

Here is the long-awaited February Civil War Chronicles BOM fabrics and pattern!
I quickly and easily cut 64 HST (half square triangles) on my Go! Baby from Accuquilt.  Joy at Bismarck Sewing and Quilting showed our group how she changed the four 16" February blocks a bit so that there were fewer seams and she sewed them using flying geese, with half square triangles she created on the Go! system.  Please see the picture and detailed instructions from Joy below....

Joy is pointing to her flying geese here.  She's pointing out that blue and brown are on opposite sides, which is not a traditional flying geese where usually both "wings" of the geese are the same color.
Here's Joy's AccuQuilt Go!/Baby cutting directions for the February BOM:

you will be cutting out materials for four 16 1/2" blocks this month instead of one like January

Fabric 1
NOTE:  To use the Go! system, you will need to purchase an extra 1/4 yard for Fabric 1
A = 16   2 1/2" squares  (use the Go! 2 1/2" strip cutter for these)
B = 64 HST (half square triangles)   and  32   2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles (use the Go! 2 1/2" strip cutter for these)
Four 4 1/2" squares from Fabric 1

Fabric 2
A = 16   2 1/2" squares
B =                 64 HST

Fabric 3
16   4 1/2" squares (be careful - these are noticably directional)

Fabric 4
A = 16    2 1/2" squares
B =                  64 HST

When you sew the blocks, sew differently than the directions since you will be creating flying geese using the above cutting directions....

Top three rows = ROW 1
rows four and five together = ROW 2
bottom three rows = ROW 3

sew four of each of these types of rows
sew each of the four blocks together

Keep in mind:  blue and brown are always opposite

Measure your flying geese to make sure the diagonals are correct and that they are 4 1/2" long and 2 1/2" in height.  Verna suggested purchasing the "Wing Clipper" by Deb Tucker, , 
which they had right on hand at Bismarck Sewing and Quilting.

For you Civil War history buffs, this months' interesting feature is about Lizinika Campbell, who married a cruel man who cheated on her and committed suicide.  She later married her cousin (common for the time) and became a commander's wife.  He lost a leg in the war and she was very protective of him.  After obtaining the release of her sons from captivity in 1865, she and her husband returned to Tennessee to manage her extensive properties successfully.  Sadly, after her husband contracted pneumonia in Jan. 1872, Lizinka caught it, too while she attended to her husband, so they both perished within a few days of one another.  How sad!  The dark fabrics in the February blocks are certainly suited to their legacy.

Thank you for the Accuquilt Go!/Go! Baby instructions, Joy!

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