Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Design Wall (and a little extra)

Monday Design Wall progress...

Two chain-pieced rows of Harriet Hargrave's "Winter Woodland" quilt from QA Freshman Year...

Today we celebrated my daughter's 17th birthday...she picked out very cute flannel and we set out to create pajama pants!

All washed, dried, ironed, and cut out, ready to sew!

But first, 
"Let them eat cake!"

Happy 17th Birthday, Katie!!!


  1. It looks lovely so far.

    Did you stop to start sewing rows together as well?

    This is how mine looked after I chain pieced the first three rows - before starting to put rows together.

    Working on my Asian Nights variation, I miss the speed of chain piecing as I keep having to stop to piece things into large four patch blocks - so lots of stopping and pressing.

    Keep up the good work.

    Cheers, K

  2. Hello Kirsten,

    I did indeed stop to sew the rows together - I'm too "chicken" ;-) not to - I'm afraid I'll leave a giant mess and not know what to do...silly, isn't it, but I prefer to see what progress I've made. It was slow going with such a busy weekend, but I'm glad to have finished what I was able to do. Thank you for the reference link - I'm going to come and check that sounds like Asian Nights is a bit similar to the Civil War Chronicles quilt I'm working on - there's also many directional fabrics and some of the rows are two pieces deep with pieces going opposite directions...I'm surprised I can handle it, but thank goodness it's a BOM so I have "permission" to take an entire year on the one quilt. Happy quilting! Mary Ann

  3. One of the cool things (okay I'm a bit nuts) I like about chain piecing a quilt is that when all the initial chains are done, I can hold up the quilt and see through the rows...

    The first one (Winter Wonderland) I snipped all of the bits between the rows and then sewed the rows together. When I moved on to the Dragons, I left the rows chained together as I stitched them together. Either way works well - though if you have a complex design, then it does help to keep it in order if you keep the stitches in.

    Asian Nights changes up as you have so many little seams to join that Harriet & Carrie suggest joining in four patch units and building from there.

    Cheers, K


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