Sunday, February 13, 2011

Civil War Chronicles BOM... Feb. gets put together!

Pieces everywhere!  Organized pieces :-)

  Laying out "Row 1", according to Joy Papke of Bismarck Sewing and Quilting...

  Can you see what's wrong here?

There are four 4 1/2" in this block - and they have direction, too!  I'm learning something about this....

The large, obvious blocks need to go the same direction (I like north), BUT....

the smaller directional prints just won't matter in the look at the end, so...I'm not going to continue "fussing" with fussy cuts (except the large solid blocks).

here I am pressing the Harriet Hargrave way....on the edge of the iron to set that seam - first sprayed with startch!

Harriet suggests that your seams "butt" together - this can not be done if you have pressed your seams the same direction, so I had to stop and repress sometimes, which is perfectly normal....

It's almost Valentine's do you like that magnetic heart pins & needle holder?  Too cuuuute!  Here I've repressed and butted, then pinned all seams.  We'll see if the corners match up...

Ugh!  Instead of chain piecing or taking the time to match up blocks and use a marker (like a bobbin or a paper weight) to keep them in the correct direction, here I am using a complete beginner's technique (well, I guess I am a total beginner).  Lesley at has this down pat!  I set six goals for myself this month and after finishing the CWC BOM for Feb., I'm headed off to the next project in Harriet and Carrie Hargrave's 
"Quilter's Academy - Freshman Year"  Reading about it is nice, but I've got to DO it!  Look at that leftover thread $25 a cone for 60/3 Presencio thread, that's not good!

Pressing carefully using startch.  I read through QA Freshman Year's pressing chapter before embarking on this.

Here is my attempt to line up the flying geese.  In the original quilt directions, you won't find flying geese used here, but I really prefer this look, as I will have fewer seams than I would have had otherwise...this was Joy Papke's idea - thanks, Joy!  

The proof is in the pudding.  
(Great!  Now I'm hungry and all the chocolate strawberries I got for an early Valentine's Day present are already gone!)  Vielleicht habe ich zu viel gefressen?!  Maybe I pigged out a little too much?!

Stilettos aren't just for shoes I'm using what's on trusty stitch ripper...hey!  I didn't have to rip anything when sewing together this block!  Now, trust me, that's a first!!  (*Dance of Joy*)

Civil War Chronicles Block of the Month:  February
Here's my final result - I'm really happy with it!  


  1. Thank you for posting these instructions. They are very helpful. I am doing the 3rd set of blocks and truly the directional fabric has confused me to no end.

  2. I'm glad you found the directions helpful. I also have March directions posted and plan to post through to Dec. Do you have a longarmer for your finished CVC top yet? I called a gal last month to secure a spot, as it seems this is a very popular quilt.


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