Sunday, February 13, 2011

Shopping trip!

  I'm just thrilled to have been able to purchase the AccuQuilt (full sized) today for only $180, tax included!  Having the Go! Baby for classes and the AccuQuilt will help keep my right hand in good shape for piecing and quilting :-), so I'm really thankful to have these two key pieces in my sewing arsenal!

After completing the CWC Feb. BOM, my next goal for February is to sew the next project for "Quilter's Academy Freshman Year"...since I was out shopping, though, I decided to take advantage of a nice discount and bought fabric for future projects, so they're all ready to be cut and pieced!   Here is Carrie's table runner (above) and...

Here are the five fabrics I chose for the tablerunner.  I love Civil War Era reproduction fabrics and thought that seafoam green would be nice for spring.

Here are the fabrics that I purchased for Harriet's Asian Nights.  I love the browns and blues together and find them calming.  The cream has tiny blue stars.

The most problematic choice of fabric for me was the red/cream/pink paisley combination for Carrie's Interlacing Circles pattern.  Even though the choices were a challenge, they are also perhaps the prettiest combination thus far.  This is very feminine, so perhaps it will be mine.

Whew!  After shopping, it's time to eat a quick supper and then complete the other three blocks for CWC BOM February...hope you have a great weekend and thanks for joining me here :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. I love your version of the CWC block. I wish the instructions were like what you did.

    I hope this post goes through, I have been trying to post on your block but kept getting rejected. :(

  2. Dear Yvette,
    I appreciate your patience with me as I figure out the world of blogging and I thank you for your help with the beautification of my blog. It looks like your comments are successfully posting now. I checked my "spam", but didn't see anything in there, so I'm not sure what happened?? Hopefully your comments will keep coming - I enjoy reading them!

  3. PS Every first Saturday of each month through December, I will attend a class at Bismarck Sewing and Quiltig where the owner, Joy Papke, will advise us about the adjustments she may have made to that month's new block, so on Sundays, I will have posted the "Joy Version" of the directions using the AccuQuilt system...hope that will be of help to you!

  4. That would be great! I may start waiting for you to make your block before I delve into mine.


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