Saturday, February 26, 2011

Embroidery Retreat with Joan Friedrich, Day 1

Joan Friedrich
embroidery machine and
stabilizer expert
from babylock
was our presenter today - 
what a bunch of lucky gals were we!

This is a beautiful purse she designed herself -
it is completely done within the hoop and we'll
be making them tomorrow afternoon!

Here's the back outside pocket

Here's a pleather purse she made
using stabilizers and metallic gold thread

Beautiful cross stitch
from the embroidery machine!
(Can you imagine the possibilities here for quilt squares?!?)

One for the hunter's we love

This little lambie received special embroidered trim around the bottom of the blankie

Isn't this the truth?!?

Today I made a size 6 child's T-shirt
and plan to give it to my littlest grandson Aaron
for his fourth birthday in April
here the fusible stabilizer is going on the inside of the front

Here's the babylock Ellissimo demo machine I was using today during the class - what a Cadillac!
(I own a six year old Elageo)

All kinds of tricks she taught us to get things just right...
stabilizer straight-talk, how to properly hoop (not drum tight!), etc.
Joan has worked extensively with Nancy Zieman and was published with her in a book for Serging crochet - Joan invented this technique and we'll get to see this in action tomorrow!

PLUS!  She'll be BACK in June to teach "Quilting in the 21st Century"!!!
when:JUN. 3, 2011-JUN. 4, 2011
event:Quilting in the 21st Century
educator:Joan Friedrich
location:Bismarck Sewing & Quilting - BISMARCK, ND 58503 (more)
1331 E. Interstate Ave.
            (701) 258-5139      

To see where Nancy Zieman, Eleanor Burns and John Deer will be presenting next, please visit here:

Here's the little monkey ready to embroider onto Aaron's T-shirt - how cute!

This little monkey reminds
me of the story,
"Ten little monkeys jumpin' on the bed, one fell down and bumped his head, so nine little monkeys were jumpin' on the bed....."  Do you remember that story?  This shirt will be a conversation-starter!  LOL!!


Awesome links:


Can't wait to show you my finished purse project tomorrow!

...PLUS pictures from Joan Friedrich's Trunk Show!!!


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